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Myths and heroes : how has the hero in Scotland evolved ?

Fiche : Myths and heroes : how has the hero in Scotland evolved ?. Recherche parmi 298 000+ dissertations

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Hello so today i will deal with the notion Myths and Heroes. First of all, i would like to give a brief definition of the notion. A myth is a popular story which tries to guide the society toward a lot of values, or some ideal. Usually, it is composed of unreal fact and action, often led by hero. A hero is courageous person who is ready to sacrifice himself to rescue other people’s. He may accomplish extraordinary deeds. So now i will try to explain how has the hero in Scotland evolved? In first time i will talk about William Wallace in Braveheart after i will talk about a text of “BLACK AGNES” and then i will talk about a “MODERN DAY SCOTTISH HEROES” with as example Andy Murray

Wallace is one of Scotland most revered heroes. He began as an outlaw after killing an English sheriff, but became a leader of men during the wars of Scottish Independence, taking victory over the english at Stirling Bridge in 1292. He was not of noble blood, and perhaps this is why his memory is held so dear. He was executed as a traitor in London in 1305. In the 13th century William Wallace is considered a hero because he is fighting aspect, he is mind an he is physical strength in combat make everyone consider him a hero who saved them from war.

Black Agnes is know for is black hair and her dark eyes, and he is complexion bleached, was the wife of Patrick, Earl of Dunbar and March. At this time she is considered a heroine because in january 1338, while Patrick was at war, the Earl of Salisbury William Montagu, faithful to the king of England, besieged the castle of Dunbar where Agnes resides with he is suite and some guards. Determined to defend its fortress. After he is many failures, the Count of Salisbury decided to isolate the fortress and to prevent Agnes from obtaining supplies to starve it. The history of the Scottish countess resistant to an English noble remained in the memories as an example of courage and tenacity.

Andy Murray is born 15(fifteen) may 1987, is a professional tennis player from Scotland. Murray represents Great Britain in he is sporting activities and is a three-time grand slam tournament winner, two time olympic champion, davis Cup Champion, winner of the ATP. Murray defeated Djokovic in the US OPEN 2012 and becoming the first british player since 1977, and the first British man since 1936, to win a grand slam singles tournament. Murray is also the first British man to win multiple Wimbledon singles titles. He is consider from hero because he is he best tennisman on the world.

To conclude, since the end of time, society still needs myths and heroes but nevertheless their role in their society has really evolved and so the term hero has taken several distinct forms including this password of person who has physical qualities and menal that save a nation at the end of modern heroes, or that word desigates above all a person in whom is proud, which is the case with Andy Murray in Scotland.


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