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Myths and Heroes : how does the cowboy embody American values?

Fiche : Myths and Heroes : how does the cowboy embody American values?. Recherche parmi 298 000+ dissertations

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The notion which I am going to present you is Myths and heroes

First of all, I would like to give a brief definition of the notion.esprit

A myth is a story which tries to give certains values for the society, the objective of these myths often is given a moral lesson to people. Usually, is composed of uncredible fact and action, frequently led by one person : the Hero. A hero is a courageous person who is ready to sacrifice himself to help world and people’s. He may accomplish extraordinary tasks. Some heroes are famous, it is known of everybody and and the bad guy’s fear him. I am going to talk of american heroes and in particularly the cowboy

So now, we can put us : How does the cowboy embody American values ?

First, we will see that cowboys are builded the American Dream and the pioneer spirit. And after we will talk about the difference between the cowboys of the 18th century and those from now.

For beginning, the cowboys is the perfect incarnation of the American pioneer with full dreams the head. At the time, the cowboys-life was given rhythm by lot of task, maintain the ranch, take care of cattle. But this first task in Americain Land, is to search adventure, him, his horse and his revolver, to push even for far the west borders.

In class we see the document “ Pioneer Spirit Endures”

In this text, who was written by Huffington Post, they explain the Pioneer Day which is celebrated in Utah every July 24th, the people celebrates bravery of ancestors who had come settle ir. Again in text, the journalist imagine if we take pioneers who crossing the Great plains in middle of 19 century and we expose them to the 21 century world, pass the horse-draws to cars, give them a cell-phone or their do understand internet. It’s amazing, two century are passed and the desert became a city.

This results can be attributed to so-called ”the pioneering spirit”, this mind live everywhere in americans peoples, it encourage the innovation, the progress, the success : today we call American Dream.

In this second part, the difference between the cowboys of the 18th century and those from now has an reality difference. Indeed, today the cowboys does not trail on horseback by fighting against Indians, the function changed certainly, now a cowboy have a more agricultural life, he is not anymore the upholder of law. But, the values remained.

In class we have read a text : “From the WIlderness to arena”

in this text, the author explain the different utilisation of a bull. In 1860s, the mens were in charge of moving approximately thousands of animals on so many kilometers, the cowboys were constantly faced with many problems, cattle thieves, Indians or Mexican attacks… the cowboys concerns by the cattle indeed when then bulls panics, the cowboy can die.

Now, the cowboy work is less tiring but is always so dangerous : Rodeo. The men's coming up on bulls have inherited the skills of cowboys. In America, the rodeo is particularly popular, every year the competitions attracts 110 million TV viewers.


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