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Myths and heroes, BAC oral d'anglais

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I am going to deal with the notion Myths and heroes.  A hero is someone who inspires people thanks to his noble qualities. A myth is a traditionnal story related to a country's culture and history. I would like to illustrate this notion through the theme of English Queens. Elizabeth I, Victoria et Elizabeth II are symbolic figures of the British monarchy and history.

 This is why we will ask in what extend these Queens are regarded as myths ? Despite their official roles, do they really have a private life ? it is true that it is difficult to assume such a role on the shoulders.

Firstly, we will see the differences between these three queens and their character and lifestyle.

In a second time, we will see the influence of these 3 queens worldwide.

I) To begin, the queen Elizabeth I was dedicated to her role, she never married and had no children.

It differs from Elizabeth II who had four children: Charles, Anne, Andrew and Edward and Queen Victoria that she had nine childrens.  

Victoria married Prince Albert on 10 February 1840 aged 21. They were married for 20 years, before he died in December 1861.

Elizabeth married the Duke of Edinburgh on 20 November 1947, also aged 21. They have been married for nearly 68 years.

 Unlike Elizabeth I and Victoria who are imposing figures in their palaces , Queen Elizabeth II is a fairly solitraire woman, she represents the natural.

In fact, Elizabeth I and Victoria reigned over period of grouth while Elizabeth II reigned during the industrialization. Moreover, she lived the desintegration of the empire. Despite a weaker power, Elizabeth II is admired as she managed to maintain the monarchy alive.

II) These Queens really embody the monarchy, they are charismatic figures of the British royalty. They had the longest reigns of the British history. Victoria became Queen aged 18 and remained on the 63 years, seven months and two days. Elizabth II , It is since 9 September 2015, the British monarch who ruled the longest (64 years 2 months and 15 days). Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth I are related to the glory of the British Empire.   The Victorian era was a period that brought England to the status of world power, thanks to the industrial revolution.

It is through these periods of wealth and power that these three queens can be described as being that of the myths.

Two of them ruled over large empires. UK and Ireland for Elizabeth I, UK, Ireland and India for Victoria.

Elizabeth II is also head of state of the UK and 15 Commonwealth realms, with a combined population of about 139 million.

Elizabeth II took the throne in 1952 with the UK population at 50 million. At her Diamond Jubilee, in 2012, it had increased to 63.2 million. This proves that these queens are admired by growth in decline

To conclude, Queen Victoria and both Elizabeth I and Elizabeth II are symbolic figures of the British History. They are really admired by English people and in the whole world.  As they had the longest reigns of the British royalty. They are myths as they are the reflection of the power and glory of the United Kingdom. These three queens have different characters but they have managed to make the United Kingdom one of the greatest power in the world, that is why we call them well.

Nevertheless, being a Queen seems to be a difficult role to bear everyday, as it is very difficult to keep your private life, private. Indeed, Queens are meant to be the showcases of the country at every cost.


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