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Myths and Heroes: how heroes represent society’s values? How can an ordinary people make the world a better place?

Cours : Myths and Heroes: how heroes represent society’s values? How can an ordinary people make the world a better place?. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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Myths and Heroes

     I’m going to talk about the item “Myths and Heroes”. I’ll give you a definition of it. Heroes are usually immortal, powerful, muscled and flawless. They can wear a costume or an ordinary suit. They symbolize goodness and American patriotism. They do impossible things and make people dream because they would like to be like them. A myth is a story that may or may not be true. Some myths have started as a true story. All cultures as myths and this mythology has been developed over time. We can ask to ourselves how heroes represent society’s values? How can an ordinary people make the world a better place? First, I will show some nationals leaders who had change mentality. Then I will see few British Myths.

     In hero’s category several people can appear like celebrity, doctors, firemen and member of family. They can save someone’s life or help him to overcome barriers. That’s what Martin Luther King did for black people. In 20th century, with supremacy reduce black’s rights. The white supremacy was founded on the idea of the superiority of people with white skin on the people of colored skin. It’s currently that color people protest without violence against the government. MLK wanted the end of racism towards black community. He wished that the US become a great nation and give freedom to everyone and strengthen the brotherhood. He delivered a speech in 1963 names “I have a dream”. In front of a crowd at the Lincoln Memorial, he proclaimed the end of slavery and segregations. He was an orator and become a pastor because of his speech. He dreamed that one day black and white people can sit together as brother and sister. He also dreamed that colored children will not to be judged by their skin color but by their moral capacity. MLK was a hero for black community because of his speech. He demonstrated in the street and make replaced the Jim Crow law by the Civil rights act in 1964. The Jim Crow law was based on white supremacy and enforced racial segregation. The Civil Rights Act declare illegal discrimination about color skin, religious, race and sex gender. MLK wasn’t the only one to fight against with supremacy, Rosa Parks did it too. She became famous because she refused to let her seat to a white man in a bus in 1955. The leaders of the local black community organized a bus boycott that began the day Parks convicted of violating the segregation laws. The boycott lasted 1 year. She became a nationally recognized symbol of dignity and strength in the struggle to end segregation.

     Yet, sometimes hero should be enrolled in a myth like Robin Hood. He was a legendary heroic outlaw originally depicted in English folklore. Indeed, he uses those skills to fight against villains led by the tyrannical king John. He robs from the wealthy people to give the destitute. Moreover, he’s a real hero because he acts without expecting anything in return. His action is totally altruistic. He may not have existed, but he is still a legend. More, in the Middle Age, the legends of Arthur explained how the legendary British king protected the England against the Saxons army. This leader is famous in the Anglo-Saxon culture since he’s perceived as a great leader defending the island from human and supernatural enemies.

     As a conclusion, we can say that since the down of time, society always need Myths and Heroes because everybody wants to trust in miracles and everything can happen. These persons give faith to an oppressed population which really needed it.


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