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Myths and Heroes : dream job

Dissertation : Myths and Heroes : dream job. Recherche parmi 298 000+ dissertations

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Notion:Myth and Heroes

I am going to talk about the notion of myth and heroes.first of all i will define these two words :

-A myth is a story that may or may not be true.Some myth may have started as true stories but people re-told them some parts mayhave been changed by mistakes or to make that more interesting.All cultures have myths and this mythologyhas been developped over time.Mythology includes the legends of our history,our religion,stories of how the world was created and our heroes.

-A hero is a person or a mythological figure ,who is admirated for thrir courage,outstanding,achievements or noble qualities ,he could be a super hero or a role model ,an icon

i decided to speack about dreamjob and how famous people can influence our carrer choices.

First I will define the word « dream job »,then I will give different exemples of how celebrities may have an influence on own career choiceFinally,I will conclude by giving my opinion.

Every body have an idea of their personal dreamjob which is often chosen by their -passion,like vince papale who is a profesional football player and chose his profession because he is passionate.

-or their motivation, like become famous to change the world.

Because it depends on each one's point of view,we can't exactly efine a dreamjob , but we can say that a dreamjob is doing what you absolutely love to do that supports the lifestyle you chose to have.

Many famous people can influence our career choice.

These famous can be TV celebrities like Oprah Winfrey,she is a very popular,black woman,talk show host,in usa and in the world.We saw a document in class about her difficult life and her incredible sucess.She went from rags to riches.She became an icon of television and she is still a symbol of the « black » american dream and a model of hope,she shows that if you really want to work in show buisness,you maywork hard but you can succed and the end.

Famous people can also be cinema celebrities.We talk about a famous sportman,Vince Papale,whose life has inspired a film,INVINCIBLE.The movie shows us the process of vince papale to become the NFL's (national football league)most famous player,and how he realised his dream.Vince is a model for many people,a quote of the film may influence some people in their life and perhaps their career choice.An another film,that we saw names THE LIFE OF DAVID GALE,is the story of  D.Gale,a man who fight against dead penalty all his life.

 was executed for the rape and the murdered of his friend and after ha was dead,every body know that the girlsuicides and D.Gale was innocent.It shows the life of someone who fights for his principles and he wasn't afraid of dead,he sacrified his life for his principle.

With these different examples,we see that famous people can influence our career choice wit their bravoure,their story,their motivation and their life.

In my opinion,a dreamjob is a job that makes you happy and I think that famous people can influence our career,because of their popularity,many people look then took as model this celebrity.They can influence our career choice by their life and their fight in life to become famous.  

Niruban Sathypalan TS2


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