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MYTHS AND HEROES: Obama, a dream come true?

Dissertation : MYTHS AND HEROES: Obama, a dream come true?. Recherche parmi 296 000+ dissertations

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A myth can be defined as a story about god or heroes. It can be a popular belief, tradition or a false notion. A hero can be a mythological figure like Hercule, a person who is admired for his achievements , a super hero or an icon. I am going to talk about myth of America and try to answer at this question: Obama, a dream come true?

In a first part we are going to talk about the beginning of American ideology, in a second part we are going to study the
The emblematic figures of the united states that fought against the segregation.

1-  The USA was founded on the idea of material success on the puritans philosophy of life. Puritans tough that if someone makes money, he is blessed by god.

Obama is a self made man because he is the first black president outcome Afro-American.

This president has reconciled the peoples with it's famous sentence “yes, we can”

During this year, we have studied a song based on his famous speech “yes, we can by will I am and other artists in 2008. This song is the speech of Obama who say with conviction that the people.

In this speech, Obama pays tribute to the immigrants, slaves , workers and martin Luther kin. At the end of this text , Obama says “and together , we will begin the next great chapter of American story with three words that will ring from coast to coast, from sea to shining sea.”Yes, we can”.And the goal of the clip of will I am is to show the gathering of a people as Barack Obama want.

Secondly, we have studied the victory speech of Obama dated of the fourth November 2008. In this text ,Barack Obama pays tribute to a woman: Ann Nixon Cooper , a woman of 106 year, who lived after slavery , when she can't vote, because she was a woman and because of the color of her skin .Obama tells the her story and what she experience during a difficult time. This speech wants metaphorical because the life of this woman is the life of the entire persecuted people. He says “that of many, we are one”.Obama knows he's coming back from afar and he's convinced that him and the people can go even further.”YES, WE CAN”

2-In second time ,It should not be forgotten that Barack Obama is a black person. It has a very difficult passed. In 2004 , he delivered a speech at the democratic convention. He explains the life of his father and grandfather in  recounting the opportunity that is father had by going to study to the USA.

After this, Obama explain that the Americans people have values like for example”all men are equal” and every has his chance in America. This is the American dream for the elf made men. Such as the parent's of Barack. In this text Obama proclaims a praise to john Kerry that he alone will realize the wishes of the people and he calls to vote for him for better days.

3- In America famous figures are made the legend of anti-segregation and freedom.   Like the mural pictures shows us Rosa Parks a famous woman who has fought segregation in the USA. The Americans congress nicknamed “mother of the civil right movements”In 1955, the black people can't sit in the bus and Rosa parks decided not to give her place to white people for her rights. At that time,she was at the side of Martin Luther King a young black pastor. He give a famous speech in 1963 during a march for employment and freedom”I have a dream”. It was supported by JFK in the fight against segregation. MLK was awarded the Nobel peace price in 1964 for his no-violent struggle against racial segregation and peace


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