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Myths and heros, American Dream

Dissertation : Myths and heros, American Dream. Recherche parmi 298 000+ dissertations

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Myths and Heros

The notion I’m going to deal with is the notion of “myth and heroes”.

* First of all, I would like to define this notion by saying that a hero is a character who is admired for outstanding qualities, and a amazing behavior. A myth is a story about something marvelous, and embellished or distorted, amplified by people.

* In order to illustrate this notion I have chosen to talk about the  American Dream, a very known myth, in which lots of peaple had a big role.

->How the American dream Created American culture?

I)The birth of a myth...

a)Pilgrims fathers

As we've studied in class, America was discovered by Christopher Colomb in 1492. In the end of the XVI century adn the beginnign of the XVII, renegades of the England arrived and established themselves in the USA. Indeed, they wanted to separate with the Anglican church, deffying the authority of king James I. At first they had to emigrate to the Netherland, but fearing a Spanish Catholic invasion, they had to flee away and went to the North America. After a stormy 66days on the Mayflower, 102 passengers arrived in 1620 on Cape Code (actually in Massachusetts) and the established themelves on Plymouth Plantation. I was the beginning f the conquest of America.

b) The first Thanksgiving.

When English people arrived in America, they had difficulties to survive in this new land. Indians helped them giving them food and sharing their culture and their habits. Thanks to that help, English colonies had survived in America.

c) Settlers

Few years laters, in the middle of the XIXth century, Pionners living in America moved West in mass with the goal of  expand their colonies, colonize indians, and having more richess. It is called the Idea of the manifest destiny: the fact that Settlers had to move west, it was considered as a mission given by God. Linked to this Idead, a theory was created: The Frontier Thesis. It says that Setttlers brought light and civilization to indains who were uncivilized people.  This conquest of the West was based on popular ideas and theories, dream of a Civilized America, colonized by Settlers.

Lewis and Clark are important figures of American History. In the early 1800, they find a passage from the Missouri to Washington. They were the first European people to explore as far as they did. It was heroic because they didin't really kow wath they would face, how will indians react to their expedition, and how they will traverse the country. Fortunately, Sacagawea, and young indian women helped them to  cross the land. They camed home with lots of discovering, about indians, plants, animals, lands of the USA.

Civil War.

The Civil War took place btw 1861 and 1865. 6confederates States were against the others. The 6 States were lead by Jefferson Davis against Abraham Lincoln. J. Davis defended slavery but Abraham Lincoln was totally againt it. The Nothern States adn Abraham Lincoln won this civil war which provocated the end of slavagism.  This War created 600 000 deaths but also 4millions slaves freeds.

Ellis Island: This Island was used from 1892 as a center of emigration. In fact, at this period lots of people started to immigrate in the USA bc they flee the war in their own countries, or their wanted to join their families, but the first reason  was the American dream. This dream says that in America everything is possible: even if you're not rich, you'll have succes there. It is the reputation of the US, as a country which offers to all his citizens the opportunity to succeed. In Ellis Island, migrants were questionned and they had a medical check. If they failed, they were sent back to their country.


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