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Myths and Heroes : Why are myths and heroes so important to our society ?

Fiche : Myths and Heroes : Why are myths and heroes so important to our society ?. Recherche parmi 240 000+ dissertations

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So good Morning, I’m here today to talk about the notion of Myths and Heroes.

First of all I will give a brief definition of these two terms.

A Myth is a traditional story which tries to guide people toward many values, involving supernatural beings or events led by different forms of heroes.

A Hero is admired for his courage and his incredible achievements, it’s some kind of superhuman. In the modern world, the hero help in saving people or society from villains or natural disasters (we can talk about superman or batman). The word is used too in the sports world to mean an extraordinary player or an athlete. Sometimes, the main character of a story is called a « hero » in a book or movies.

PB : So I will ask myself why are myths and heroes so important to our society.

In a first part I’ll talk about the influence of myths in our success in life;

and then I’ll talk about the influence of the different heroes in our and children’s life.


Nowadays, everyone wants to obtain a successful life. But the way of success is full of pitfalls (embûches). Gandhi for example, was the leader of India’s independence movement and also the architect of a form of non-violence that would influence the world. But this road to independence was so hard because he finally was jailed and murdered. We can talk about him such as an icon or a Myth in our lives because, he stayed pacifist and remarkable despite all.

Myths can also influence our careers because of society’s values such as money, recognition and fame, and influence also. But we can also get lost because to be successful we have to do what we really like, Abraham Lincoln said : «  ALWAYS BEAR IN MIND THAT YOUR OWN RESOLUTION TO SUCCESS IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN ANY OTHER ONE THING » . We studied in class documents on the Dream Job, and for me we don’t have to be influenced by such a thing. But actually, the society is based on founding myths, a collective identity and shared values… : the myth of American Dream in the U.S is indeed the best example.

Even if you may get some inspiration from mythical stories and iconic figures, in the end you will have to face reality and do your best to make your dreams come true.


I can start talking about batman for example. He is a super-hero known to all of us, his real identity is Bruce Wayne, a billionaire who created WAYNE ENTERPRISE. After the murder of his parents, he decided to improve his skills and become Batman to help people of Gotham City. Super-heros like Batman or Superman are considered as idols for many children but also for adults, thanks to their achievements and their super power.

But we can also find an other type of hero. Bill Gates for example, is a person like you and me who became successful and famous in life because of his job. In 1975 he co-founded Microsoft with Paul Allen, it became the largest PC Software. Bill Gates, ex CEO of microsoft is one of the best-known


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