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Idea of progress: Is India a developping country?

Fiche : Idea of progress: Is India a developping country?. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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Idea of progress

          Intro:Today, different countries are developing. The idea of progress is an improvement, a development, a change, a technical or a scientific or social advice wich contributes to make the world a better place. And let’s talk about the India’s situation. If we talk about India, we can say it is a land of contrast, being a traditional land but also a modern country But,  India is it a developing country ?

  1. The society and the technologies.
  • High-tech cities: After worked in Manathan,Sirisha came back in the India  to create his own business. But she don’t recognized the India because she said that India of today is not the same that the one that it left. It is a country on the March which takes an economy in transfer thanks to the high technology. The GDP increase of eight percent per years. For example, Cities build shopping and hotels to welcome international companies, is a good example of this evolution.
  • Changing India : The American’s character wanted to go in India where his roots where. He wants to have a vision different that his parents, a view filled with prejudices. However, he analyse the situation with a fresh eye and get rid of the blinkers. Indians do not need to leave their country to make a dream come true, they are breaking the prejudices
  1. An unequal state.
  • Another Girl:  Kavita is a woman who gives birth to a second girl. Kavita want to keep her baby. On the other hand, her husband is not according with Kavita because it knows that they wouldn't be able to pay the dowry. This story proves that in India the mentality of the system of the castes and for the dowry tradition begins to change. She also shows the inequalities in the India between the man and woman. For example in some figures, the literacy rate is 74 percent for the male against 65 percent for the female.
  • The caste system: Previously, India composes of 4 classes social ranked with another one classify put aside, Dalits. They were not considered as members of the society and to execute so the degrading works. All the same, they represented 25 per cent of the population. Today these castes were abolished but we find still finds them because they are a member the culture.
  1. A contrast omnipresent
  • Today’s India: Many people have gathered on a beach. Most of them are looking at the skyline of modern city. The picture represent the dual vision of India. On the one hand, the Skyline and skyscraper highlight how India has become modern thank to booming economy. On the other hand, the population show that tradition have not disapperared because the women wear saris.
  • Is microcredit changing India: Microcredit consist in granting small loans from traditions of banks because they are too poor. This system has enabled many India people especially dalit women to start  their own system

          Conclusion : En résumé, nous pouvons dire que l’Inde est un pays en développement mais qui peut rencontrer des difficultés à cause des nombreuses inagalités presentes dans le pays. India will join the countries as Amérique in terms of development ?


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