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The idea of progress : is progress in India change the country ?

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I’m going to deal with the first notion wich is : “The idea of progress”.

Firstly, i will present this notion by showing that progress means to move over a period of time to a stronger, more advanced. There are many ki,d of progress: the scientific progress, social, economic or political progress. We focuced on this idea of progress in India. So we can wonder (se demander) : is progress in India change the country ?

First, I will see how the image of woùen has progressed and enhanced livesof million of children, then I will mention the change of mentality in India.

First, we saw in the text “another girl” written by Shilpi Somaya how difficult the condition of the women was in India. It’s the story of Kavita and Jasu, they had a baby girl while they expect a baby boy that was better to help them in the fields. Kavita has to make a choice: either get rid of the baby to abortion or to revolt aigainst her husband to keep the baby. However, in Indiawomen did not have the same freedom of expression and decision as in Western countries. There is a dowry tradition that makes the women a kind of property of her husband. Even if it’s starting to change, and the dowry beginns to disappear or it become a simple tradition without any condition of belonging to someone, in Indi there is still infanticide. In 2001, a census showed that there were only ninety three women per a hundred men meant that it was missing36 millions women who were not born, who were killed at birth or wo were allowed to die at young age. Unfortunatly, a women in India is a women worthy (digne) of the name only if sha can gives birth to a son, hence (dou) the sentence Jasu pronou ces “anthor girl, what is the matter with u”. so, as we saw in this first text, the woman condition is difficultin India even though it begins to improve.

What is now the image of the new generation facing india?

We saw in this second text that the difference between the india a fex decade ago and the india today is huge. Contrary to before, there are less stereotypesin india: poor people had diploma, the women become breadwinner and are no longer desperat housewives but the emancipate themselves through micricredits. Even if a lot of them use this money to day-to-day and some go into debt, other manage to get out of poverty by creating a buisnes. Furthermore young people do not follow parent’s vocation anymore, but theirs. And this shift is only just beginnig, progress is on the way and will not stop. Now being an indian is no longer a shame but a pride to be at the origin of the next mosy powerful country of the 20th century.

To conclude we can qay that the image of women has progressed in recent decades, the progress is of the upmost importante to change india. Indeed, step by step, mores change. But we can also wonder if progress will not go too far and change the indian culture to repalce it with the popular american culture.


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