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Idea of progress: Is progress essential in our society?

Discours : Idea of progress: Is progress essential in our society?. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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The notion that I’m going to present you is the notion of Progress. To begin with, I’d like to give a definition of this notion.

The idea of progress can be defined as an improvement, a development or a change, it's the idea that the world and the society can evolve positively in therms of sciences, technology, modernization living condition  or other therms. However the rhythm of progress seems to have accelerated over the last few decades which could make some people question this progress. In progress essential in our society? Does it always have a positive effect on the way we live?

 I wil first talk about the latest developements and their positive and negative sides, and then i will think about moral and ethnial questions that aries around this topic

We are living now in a world that have huge posibilities in communicating (with internet, mobile phones etc) and technologic, genetic resarch, the future in these domains is very promising, but it may go too far.

This progres is so advanced that it even might overpower the death. In class we saw a video report presenting a young lady who have clonned her beloved dog. Once her dog was gone because of natural reasons, she decieded to bring him back and pay 50 grants. on the one hand if it's what makes her happy, why not, but on the other hand the conditions and ethnical standarts are very low in South Corea where the dogs are clonned, furthermore, what is special about your dog, his character, and his habits, the  things  he used to do, cannot be clonned, so at the end it's not the same dog, he just looks the same, she sould has adopted a homless dog instead of spending 50 grants.
And after all, from a religious point of view, it's not correct to play with death and clone a cretion of God which is unique, enven if it's a pet. We also had a debate about genetic modifications of people. For exemple, we could have genetically modified soldiers, give them supernatural strenth, intelligence, with no fear and enormous courage, in order to make of them perfect war machines. Somehow it's such a good progress, because we step on a next level of technology, and also they could have helped to win the world, so maybe make the world better. But if they are genitically modified, they are not even real humans anymore, and we dont know the consequences that it implies. They could be dangerous and unpredeictable, so they may injure humas which is dangerous. And it's not really something that we really need, with this technology we could have cured some genetic diseases like blindness for exemple, by fixing and editing  the gene essential to vision, like says Sarah Knapton in her Science Editor Telegraph. However the technology is questionable because there is an intervemtion in peoples' genetic code, which could lead to designer baby. Allthough, this new technology is very promising because if it works for this disorder, similar treatements could work for several thousand inherited deaseses caused by gene mistakes, moreover, the "engineering baby" is said to be  a red herring, Therefore we can hope for the better future, in this case the progress has only positive sides, because it could cure inheritated disoreders, and help humanity.

The progress seems to be essential for society to evolve, so that people have better and easier life. However, are the people copatible with progress? Do they always accept progress? I will try to explain this with the help of an image that you can find in the attachement. We can see on this image 4 different epoque, from the oldest, the prehistory, to modern times. At each change, each progress, people are complaying, about changes, they must "give up" what they were used to so far, and evety time, they need to learn how to live with new invetions. We could say that in the times we live, we dont need progress anymore, because the technology is developped, and so is the medecine, we have great posibilities. Neverthless, the world still have big issues like some incurable desases, famine and huge inegalities. As a result, we still need progress in order to make these issues disapear..
However, in regards to some peoples' mentalities, we cant see progress at all, thay didnt accepted the changes and the evolution, so that their mentalities have remained in the past, that's why there are often conflict

To conclude, i would say that progress is really essentaial, to make the world better, but progress is not always good, for exemple if the war breaks out, with all new nuclaer weapons, it can have a tragic end , besides the new technologies are smoehow making us dumb, because instead of reading books, having passions, enriching our culture, we're stuck to our iphones ecrans. But Despite of all we need progress to survive, but we must learn to manege it and dont exaggerate.


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