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Banski's biography and work

Dissertation : Banski's biography and work. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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  • Artist presentation
  • Historical and artistic context
  • Presentation of a work of art

Despite his ability to break the rules, he remains to this day a mystery since his true identity has never been revealed.  In all likelihood, Banksy is a Street art graffiti artist from Bristol, England.  Born tentatively in 1974, it was not until the 1980s that he began to handle the aerosol, after completing a butcher training. But it was between 1992 and 1994 he became truly a graffiti artist, as part of a group called the Bristol's DrybreadZ Crew (DBZ), assisting his colleagues Kato and Tes.

Graphic technology :

Since the beginning of his career, he employs an original combination of stencils and writings. The techniques he operates seem relatively diversified. He develops himself very detailed stencils, allowing us to believe he frequently makes use of IT (information technology) to achieve his task. Moreover, in the context of some works, there seem to be image translations, freehand painting and of course, a spray- painted part.

Surname :

Banksy or “terrorist art”, is one of the most versatile and inspiring artists, not only for emerging young artists, but also for the entire world. Its ability to sneak into museums, while remaining anonymous.

Her art and ideas :

Philanthropist, anti-war and revolutionary, the artist uses his art as a medium for communication to say loud and clear his dissatisfaction with certain social phenomena, certain political situations or outright certain decisions adopted by world leaders. His art is a mixture of irony, irreverence, humor and often contains very clear messages.


The “Street art” is art developed under a multitude of forms, in public places or on the street. The term includes the practice of graffiti, graffiti stencil, video projection, displays creation, pastel on streets and sidewalks. The term “street art” is usually used to distinguish a form of art of an act of vandalism made by an individual or a group of people that defend their territory, express through graffiti their membership to a group, or whish to convey a message that has no artistic value.


Love is in the Air (Flower Thrower) was created by Banksy in 2003 in the streets of Jerusalem. Made with stencils, it is typical of his work with ironic, poetic and political hints. The artist had previously carried out a project called "Santa's Ghetto" on the Bethlehem wall and near the Aida camp to support the Palestinians.

Banksy told in his book Wall & Piece (War and Spray released in 2005), that while painting on the Israeli separation wall, a resident told him: "You beautify the wall", to which he replied: "Thank you, that's nice". The man then replied: "We don't want this wall to be beautiful, we don't want this wall, go home. »

It shows a man wearing a scarf over his mouth and a cap to hide who he is. He hides his face, which reminds us of Banksy's own story, who wants to remain anonymous at all costs, like many graffiti artists.

The man throws a bouquet of flowers while the position of his body that starts out resembles that of a man throwing a projectile, a Molotov cocktail or a stone like the cobblestones thrown in Paris during the French Revolution (we think of La Liberté guiding the people of Delacroix).

While the man is in black and white, the bouquet is in color to better highlight it. A way of saying "spread peace, not war" that makes sense at a time when many conflicts are dividing the world.


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