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Artificial intelligence

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Artificial intelligence is now more and more common in our society. This technology is the whole of theories and technics, which have for purpose to simulate traits of the human’s intelligence on devices. It has imposed in many fields like health, defence or even in our daily activities. With the commercialisation of artificial intelligence and this for a large public, people are ever more concerned in the ethic of this technology. In this configuration we can ask ourselves, to which extent should we endow machines with intelligence? In the first part, we will see the positives aspects of artificial intelligence and then in a second part the negatives one.

Artificial intelligence is, as I said previously, more and more common in many public fields. In the medical world, artificial intelligence is a real bargain, it helps nursing staffs, to gain times and to be more precise. Indeed AI is often used to diagnose or to take care of people with daily needs, as an example senior. It has also been used for assisted interventions on the sensible cases of chronic disease, or the intelligent prosthesis. It has saved many lives and softens others. AI is also known for his capacity to memorize pieces of information. This is the case with robots capable of learning a gesture from a manipulation performed by an operator. In our houses it has also been very useful for an easy task as turning on or off the lights or the heating furthermore those AI are pretty affordable

However, AI is as well an ethical problem. Indeed this technology is quite recent and for this, institutions are not informed about the boundaries of those devices. On the question of the storage of personals data, the answers are pretty blurred there is no real answer, and it seems that they are all stock. Which is a threat to the forget right and of course to the confidentiality right. On another way even if those piece of information are kept confidential, there are no real boundaries for Ai devices, and they can become independent and more intelligent then their creators. Even if this possibility seems to pull out of a dystopic book, scientist are not denying this finality. Furthermore, there is a potential dependence which could go with this new technology

To conclude Artificial intelligence is a chance for our society to improve. To be more equal, respectable and precocious to our earth and beloved ones. But it can also be threatening our world, due to the possible exes caused by those innovations. To avoid those problems institutions and population should be more careful of their pieces of information and possibility for those data to be important and dangerous


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