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Anglais what is a super hero

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What is a superhero?


When you ask me to do the basic formula of a superhero I made many research in this subject. First you have to know that they all have a different story. The superheroes were create to show us and explain the values of a the humanity and a moral through the superheroes. They are create to solve many problems in the society. Also there are different superheroes it depends your own definition of it. The basic formula it’s that they all fight evil and vilains, and they have archenemies and protect mankind. Then they are variants like the superhero who have many powers, he or she (yes a superhero can be a woman) can run very fast, leap over the buildings, become invisible in facts he is very athletic, strong and muscular. The person who use the science against the crime can be considerate like a superhero.  These  people save many human lives every day, while putting their own lives in danger. But for me  this type of achievements can also be realized by a simple citizen who live ordinary lives since anyone, at times, can get the opportunity to save a life. There also exists other types of heroes, the people who become heroes thanks to their achievements or for being an emblematic person in their domain. Every Superheroes have a costume because it’s  just a must have! The costume can can be compose with many different pieces like a skintight costumes,  a mask, a hood, a cape, boots with also weapons. Everybody in this world have already imagined to become a Superheroes because many person think tant’s it’s so cool to be admirable by the others. But if somebody tell me that I can be one of them I think I  just would like to be just someone who is not considerate like that, because everybody think that it’s a perfect life to be respectful of anybody but just to remind you the basic formula of a superhero it’s that he always have a double identity, you can’t tell your family why you leave so many times when you are with them, it’s difficult when you work somewhere, then can I have problems in real life many things that make the life of a superhero no perfect!


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