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Anglais notion Myths and Heroes

Cours : Anglais notion Myths and Heroes. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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                                ANGLAIS MYTHES ET HEROS

I'm going to talk about the notion of Myths and hero. First I define notion of myths and heroes. Heroes are the people who help the individuals in difficulty, who show their courage and who present themselves as true models that embody an ideal. Moreover a myth is a legendary tale that addresses imaginary characters such as gods or heroes, these are symbols of history.

In class we studied various documents about life and influence of heroes in our .Therefore we will try to answer following question (What is the place of hero in our society) To what extent can we say that hero occupies important place in our society

First I will present a Civil activist right called Rosa Parks and  her story in the bus of  Montgomery. She became famous on December 1st ,1955 in Montgomery by refusing (in) to give up her seat to a white person. It is then considered like an icon and an heroin against racial segregation. Indeed through her courage she inspired many people and by continuing her struggle with Martin Luther King, it is the source of Civil Right Movement which allowed to change the living conditions and the place of  black peoples in society.

Then I will present a British codebreaker,Alan Turing who achieved much for his fellow citizens during the world war 2, Through the movie “Enigma”what we saw in class, we could see(we realized) that it was a real hero. He worked tirelessly and manage to surpass his mental capacities to discover the secret of the famous German encryption machine Enigma. Thanks to him more than 14 millions of lives were saved and the war was shortcut of two years. It was a veritable mathematical genius which  will be long remembered because of his perseverance, his courage and his talents extraordinary .

Finally we will focus on Malala, this young woman was a real activist, she is viewed  like an icon of the fight for the right to education of women. She had the courage to denounce Talibans that were destroying schools and imposed syariah. She will be attacked by him and she'll survive miraculously of a shot in the head. Persevering she continues nevertheless to fight for that all women have acees to education in the world. She say A teacher, a book ,a pen can change the world.


All hero have change the world, they left a trace positive of their existence through their courage, their talent and their perseverance. They are real models for all of us. Now the influence of celebrities is too present in our society, we tend to take them for heroes but they do not really correspond to our idea of hero.


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