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Video Gamers Head to the Gym

Chronologie : Video Gamers Head to the Gym. Recherche parmi 257 000+ dissertations

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Video Gamers Head to the Gym

2016 NPR.

Listen to the audio recording and answer the following questions. You will hear the audio twice.

  1. According to League of Legends player Ben Stickler, how are video games compared to the sports he played growing up?
  1. They both involve similar strategies and competition
  2. They eat a lot of food
  3. They do not bond with other players the same way

  1. Name two physical benefits that gamers can improve by going to the gym?

_________-they can do yoga for their posture __- they can do cardiac training for their endurance____ (type your answer here)

  1. According to Coach Robert Yip, why is fitness training important for his team?
  1. His players eat a lot of junk food
  2. A lot of his players don’t have time to practice, because of their jobs
  3. Playing video games is very physically demanding

  1. What do players need in addition to fitness training?
  1. They need a lot of donations to support them
  2. A balanced diet and wellness program
  3. A comfortable place to sit in front of the screen

  1. True or False? There is currently a strong demand for specialized online gamer coaches and trainers.

______False __________

  1. What is Ben Stickler’s motivation to train?
  1. He wants to be a professional gamer.
  2. His sponsors pay for his training.
  3. He loves the game and wants to play better.

  1. Physical training helps gamers keep a healthy lifestyle. How can gaming lead to an unhealthy lifestyle? (three examples)

____________ (type your answer here)

it can be bad for health, because the presence of junk food can be exaggerated when we are playing and some people do not pay attention to their posture, so bad posture. Also, a lot of time in front of the scream can be negative.


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