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Lured by idealism or demons unknown, hiker Christopher McCandless found a lonely death in Alaska.

by Jean Deneufbourg

Christopher McCandless was born in 1968 in the state of Washington, where he still lived during his Childhood. Chris McCandless was an intelligent, extremely intense young man with a streak of stubborn idealism. He grew up in a wealthy suburb of Washington D.C, where he succeeded both academically and athletically. He graduated from Emory University with honours in 1990.

Chris grew more and more discouraged about his materialistic life, because his parents said that the aim of life was just to have the better graduate, to have an important wages and to earn much and much money to be an important person. Chris didn't want this materialistic life because he wanted to be free, so he didn’t feel very well with his parents and he decided to outcome the society to see otherwise.

So he soon afterwards gave to charity all his possessions and destroy his mobile phone, his bank card and his identity card. After that he wasn't Christopher Mc Candless any more, but just someone and he spent two years hitchhiking and travelling to the west of the U.S.A. He met lots and lots of peoples during his travel. Then he hitchhiked to Alaska, where he walked alone into the wilderness north of Mt Mc Kinley, and he arrived to the "Magic Bus", an old abandoned-bus he called so in his diary which was found at the same time as the dead body of Mc Candless, four month after his arrival in the Bus. In his diary, he described the landscape with the snow covering the mountains. At the end he wrote "happiness is real when shared".


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