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Devoir de connaissances de philosophie

Dissertation : Devoir de connaissances de philosophie. Recherche parmi 298 000+ dissertations

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The text submitted to our study comes from the American magazine "The Guardian" published on August 21, 2006. The text speaks of the length of vacations according to the populations, in this case they speak of Americans and Europeans.

First of all, for Americans work is very important, it is the most important value. They take very few vacations.

Overwork is found to be very common in the United States. A quarter of employees do not have paid leave. Whereas in Europe, employers in American industry are not obligated to donate money.

Additionally, Americans take less than four days of vacation, while UK law provides for 6.6 weeks vacation time, while UK vacation time is 6.6 weeks. Italy's income also far exceeds that of the United States.

Finally, for Americans who are overwhelmed with work, it's hard to let go, even during the holidays. According to our study, we find that a third of American workers are stressed if they do not check their e-mail. Holidays are therefore not at all effective. Several American companies notice a lack of performance of its employees due to overwork.

But on the other hand Christian Schneider thinks that Europeans are less productive because of their pervasive distractions and their ease in withdrawing from work.

Finally, the text reveals that Europeans are less active at work and are in favor of holidays and longer rest, while Americans are very hardworking and attached to merit, to effort which makes them more susceptible to overwork because they get very little rest and hardly ever take a vacation.


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