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Jaguar Land Rover: A Marketing Analysis Of Britain's Fastest Growing Car Manufacturer

Mémoire : Jaguar Land Rover: A Marketing Analysis Of Britain's Fastest Growing Car Manufacturer. Recherche parmi 257 000+ dissertations

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The Range Rover Evoque is a luxury compact SUV and was released in 2011. The car is a smaller and lighter alternative to the other products in the Land Rover product portfolio which is more fuel efficient (JaguarLandRover, 2011). Land Rover’s market share currently sits under 20% however with the release of the Evoque it is expected to increase (Telegraph, 2011). With the proposed marketing plan, the price of the car is very flexible, ranging from £25 000 to £45 000, attracting a wide variety of customers from different market segments and gaining advantage over competitors at different ends of the SUV market such as Volkswagen, Mercedes and Audi. Customers can change their product in its appearance and performance to fit their needs. The car will be heavily promoted through collaboration with the music industry on television shows such as ‘The X Factor’ in order to gain high profile attention and a premium status by being awarded to the winning contestant of the competition. This also gives the product an opportunity to appeal to customers in diverse sectors of the market watching the show. Men’s style and car magazines will also be targeted in order to gain a good relationship with potential consumers and improve Range Rover’s brand image. The car’s improved fuel efficiency will attract consumers who are conscious about environmental sustainability and improve Range Rover’s brand image. Improved fuel efficiency also satisfies customers as they feel they are getting better value.


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