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Analyse de Zombie (chanson) de The Cramberries (document en anglais)

Compte Rendu : Analyse de Zombie (chanson) de The Cramberries (document en anglais). Recherche parmi 259 000+ dissertations

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Zombie is a song made by the Cranberries, an Irish rock group, popular in the 90s. In 1989, the Hogan brothers (Mike who play the bass and Noel who play the guitar) formed a band with a drummer Fergal Lawler and a singer Dolores O'Riordan. In 2003, the Cranberies's members announced in 2003 that they'll focus them self on their solo career. After more than 6years of absence, the band come back in 2009 with an American tour and a European one until the end of 2010. In thirty-three years, they come out 6 albums : Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can't We?; No Need to Argue ; To the Faithful Departed ; Bury the Hatchet ; Wake Up and Smell the Coffee ; Roses but their most famous song still Zombie in 1994.

This song belongs to the Rock genre. That kind of music was popularized in 1930 by Black artists like, for example, Chuck Berry ; about twenty years later, it was adopted by American White singers, the most popular one stay is Elvis Presley. In the 60s, the Rock became known in Great Britain thanks to the Beatles, or the Rolling Stones.

At first, the songs deals with feelings or with taboos like sex, then it makes room to protest lyrics against for example politic or war like this one.

Indeed, in Ireland in the end of the 60s, the discrimination against Catholics in their right had created different association to push for an equality of right between Catholics and Protestants. However, after attacks against demonstrator’s right by Protestant and by the Royal Ulster Constabulary, the violence between Catholics and Republicans increase. Then revolts, crises, attacks, etc follow each others, the most famous is Bloody Sunday probably because of John Lenon's song.

Zombie came back on this theme and more particularly on the unfair murder of Jonathan Ball and Tim Parry, two young boys killed by the Irish Army on the Twentieth of March 1993 in Warrington as shows the lyrics « Child is slowly taken ». This song has a negative tone because of the negatives expressions like « mother's breaking heart » or « Another head hangs lowly » but also because of the list of weapon (Tanks, Bomb and Guns) and the emotions we can feel when we heard or read the lyrics.


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