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I'd Like To Teach The World To Sell (étude en anglais)

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I’d like to teach the world to sell


A.According to the article, what makes an advertising universal or not ?

This article shows/explains/deals with/tackles the advertising techniques of the renown brand Coca Cola. The journalist focuses on this international brand, which is one of the most famous around the world, as its products can be found almost everywhere. We can assume that almost every person on the planet has heard of it.

In the beginning of the text, we are shown that Coca Cola’s slogan is very recognizable and can be easily translated in most languages. Then, the journalist explains that since we all have common desires , since we all desire/long for/yearn for the same things, we are part of a global world. Therefore, Coca Cola’s widespread imagery is as universal and democratic as possible.

They wish to convey an image of altruism and kindness, as if their product linked people.

The main argument which is exposed is that the simpler the message is, the most efficient it is. The simplicity and the universality of Coke’s slogans allow/permit/enable them to advertise in a global, spectacular and efficient way.

The journalist points out an important fact. What makes and advertisement efficient and universal is that it can be adapted for every customer around the world. Brands can’t take the risk to shock/can’t risk shocking some people and hurt their culture, religion, habits etc.

Apparently, the best way to design an ad is to adopt a moderate approach.

B.Is what is beaing said in the article applies to every product & brand ?

We can wonder if Coca Cola’s advertising policy can be applied to every product. Coca Cola sells simple products, and we can put forward that there is an almost addictive dimension to Coca Cola’s drinks for some people. But still, Coca Cola has managed to take over/conquer the world, and the name of the brand, the slogans and even their so distinctive red color is recognized by people on every continent.

Advertising companies have to reflect on how to sell a product and to whom. But nonetheless, what the article teaches us, in the light of Coca Cola’s example, is that simplicity and universality are key points. The aim is to create messages that stick into your brain and which remind you instantly of the product, as well as convey an image that you will remember and that suits most people.


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