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Lieux et formes de pouvoir : To what extent is music powerful enough to change the world ?

Discours : Lieux et formes de pouvoir : To what extent is music powerful enough to change the world ?. Recherche parmi 275 000+ dissertations

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I’m going to deal with the notion places and forms of power.

first I would like to give a definition of the notion. Power is the ability to exercise authority and influence over others it can be exerted in different spheres : economy, politics, media, Music

In relation to the notion the topic of my presentation will be the power of Music.

we may wonder, To what extent is music powerful enough to change the world ?

the music is a powerful tool that expresses ideas and emotions insignificant forms through the elements of rhythm, melody and harmony.

First I will introduce the power of protest song in the society. Then in a second step the benefits has music for society and the people.

Today, there are different types of songs that exist such as the « Protest songs » that have taken an important place in the past.

The words of Protestant songs contain messages sometimes directly stated, sometimes audible allusions and indirect messages (often under dictatorships, where things can not be said directly) that the population understands; the songs are accessible to all short, simple texts, which can be understood by all, even without having had a great education, they store easily and can be taken everywhere and memorized by everyone.

Music has lyrics, associated with a message, that can have a universal dimension because music transmits and can transmit emotions and ideals. The song can be exported outside the areas where it is prohibited and have a global impact.

For example there's music which exert power on government, like « Get up stand up » from Bob Marley, a singer who was born in Jamaica, that lived in a ghetto and was poor before being famous. He protested against poverty and wanted people to defend their rights.

we can also talk about « Give peace a chance » from John Lennon, a english singer who was born in Liverpool in 1940. In this song, he protest against the Vietnam war, which was processing at this time. John Lennon means that he does not want to defend any specific ideology. The only thing which is important for him is peace,

trying to change people's mentality.

we can also say that , when some people appreciate singers and their music, they become "fans." The "fans" are those who follow the singers and their music, the ideas that they convey in their music, and their ambitions to fight in different situations. When hundreds of fans come together, they share values​​, and a power of thoughts when crowd sings chorus of protest. This creates a collective commitment and it’s bring people together and unify them. There is a solidarity that develops between people and cohesion at different levels. For example in national level between a friend group, or international level between fans who lives in different countries.For example the song « happy » from Pharrell Williams was taken all over the world, bringing peoples together

For conclude, to my mind, music have the power to change the mentality of a society with committed lyrics, easy to speak and, it allow people to express their opinions,, form


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