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Should the government ban experimentation on animals?

Dissertation : Should the government ban experimentation on animals?. Recherche parmi 257 000+ dissertations

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The experimentation on the animals is not something new, specifically in Great Britain because among the European Union has the record number of animals used in experiments. This practice has been the subject of a lot of discussions and developments for many years now. But at present, there is much debate about whether the development of the experimental methods constitutes a real necessary progress. With the advance of new technologies, the different groups against this practices becomes more and more important and the British government should begin consultations in order to ease tensions. But there are not only the cons that need to be listened, the pros, principally from the domain of the chemical industry for example. That is why the question is important, principally should the Britain government ban experiments on animals in the pharmaceutical industry? That’s why, mister the Minister, I write for you this synthesis so that you can informed more clearly about the pros and cons and maybe, in the future, adopt a new piece of legislation.

Firstly, I’m going to present some facts about one of the domains of the research, the experimentation on the animals. Every day, research and development receives seven million of dollar. This huge sum of money is important for the pharmaceutical industry so as to innovate in the United Kingdom. Even though a lot of money is spent for the improvement of the chemical industry, there is another numbers which can be also very important to highlight. The number of dogs that died in 2000 in experiments is 4745. Just in one year, and this number concern only the dogs, but the experimentations also affect other kind of animals, so this number is probably weightier.

In our country, there are some people who are against this kind of methods. Moreover, with Internet, they can easily protest. For example, they can create some websites with a view to denouncing this, they can also organise some meetings, and during these gatherings they can make some “happenings” which are therefore filmed and shared via Internet.

Conversely, there are of course some people who are not against the experimentation on the animals. Among them, I have seen some representants of pharmaceutical industry. For them, it is necessary to do this for several reasons. First of all, for health and medical reason. On the one hand, it can permit to avoid of using humans to test the new medicines, experimentation on animals was the price to pay to remain innovate and discover new medicines. One the other hand, it can be really useful to cure diseases and improve well-being, it is safer to test new drugs on animals than on human. What’s more, there are economic reasons. If Britain is too environmentally-conscious, other countries might take advantage economically and medically. But they are not insensible about the dissentings. To the contrary, this feeling against science could lead to difficulties in recruiting employees and due to that, the pharmatical industry is decreasing investment in research and development.


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