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E52 négociation-vente

Rapport de stage : E52 négociation-vente. Recherche parmi 241 000+ dissertations

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  1. Commercial environment

A, Presentation of the company

B, Commercial activities of Mauduit Michelle

  1. Market target

A, The country data

B, The specifities of the market in Spain  

  1. Negotiation environment

A, The issue of negotiation

B, Personality

  1. Introduction of the offer

A, Products

B, Commercial offer

  1. Methods and tools for sales support

A, Approach mode

B, Marketing tools

  1. Commercial environment

A, Presentation of the company

Michelle mauduit is a french compagny which sells fruits and vegetables, it is one of the lot of society at the international market RUNGIS M.I.N. Created in 1974, this wholesaler  counts 8 employees. In 2016, this wholesaler made a turnover of 4 385 300,00 euros.

B, Commercial activities of the comapny

Commercial offer : salad specialist, greengrocer, generalist in fruits and vegetables ( Clementine, appele, grapes, cauliflower, broccoli, fenel etc.)

Services : expeditions, taking order by phone, order preparation, conditioning, composition.

Customer base : commercial restauration, LMS, grocery, cours des halles, caterers, wholesaler, market.

Importation countries : Holland, Spain, Kenya, Italy.

Exportation countries : Germany, Irland, United Kingdom.

  1. Market target

A, Country data

Country : Spain

Capital : Madrid

Official language :  Spanish

Currency : Euro

Population : 46,56 millions spanish people

PIB : 1 400 milliards USD

Trade :    -     Exportations : 317,3 milliards USD

Machinery, vehicles, alimentary, pharmaceutical products, manufactured goods.

  • Importations : 337,9 milliards USD

Fuels, chemical products, intermediate goods, foods, biens manufactured goods, machinery, medical equipment.

B, Specifities of the market in Spain

Spain is one of the country where fruits and vegetables has an important place, specially with the presence of many market like : El mercat de la Boqueria.

Theses products are good quality and have a low prices, that’s why it is a market very interesting for MICHELLE MAUDUIT. Spain products 6,8 millions per year. Spanish exporter are caractized by a great speed of adaptation of the requirements of foreign market.

With 95% of outlets, the small spanish business accounts for 54% of sales, as for retail, they realized 45% of the national turnover (whose only 20% for supermarket)

  1. Negotiation environment

A, The issue of the negotiation

Poligono industrial de la Zona Franca is the « spanish Rungis market ». One of their wholesaler is Villa Maria, who sells their own brand of clementines and oranges which, the sale is actually only in Barcelona.


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