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Année : 1998

Dictateur ( Sani Abacha ) : Ilyes

Secrétaire général  ONU ( Kofi Annan ) : Amine

Citoyen nigérian : Christophe

discours d'ilyes pour introduire :

  The scene takes place in 1998 on the United Nation Headquarters on NYC. The Nigeria is in dictatorship .The UN general Secretary ask to see the nigerian's president to review on the situation of the country.

Amine se retrouve avec Ilyes :

 -A: Good afternoon  Mr.President ( serre la main )  May I call you by you first name ?

-I : Good Afternoon Mr. Secretary , Yes of course

-A : How are you ?

-I:I'm fine thank you just tired after that long trip.

-A : You want a coffe, a tea, something ?

-I:No, i'm good thank you

    Can I ask you why you convene me ?

 -A: yes exactly I was going you to speak about it . I convene you to talk about the situation of your country, so how is the situation in your country ?

 -Mytho d'Ilyes  : It's all good in my country, the  Unemployment rate decline, now  our overall literacy rate is heighty five (85) percent, so the situation is better than the last time we saw each other. There are issues that are still to be resolved, but it's better than the last time. We had a GDP of 36 billions last year.

-A : It is maybe true that Nigeria possesses Gdp in 36 billions ,  the  Unemployment rate decline,  overall literacy rate is heighty five (85) percent, but it  was the last year, would you know what about Gdp this year? Tell me more about it, is there some point in which we can help you ? Tell me everything . What you want ?

  -I : This year we will have a lower GDP, he will be around 32-33 billions .We have another problem with  The infant mortality rate he still high, so I will  need some doctors, I  need to boost the economy, so I need some architect to see where I can build some hospitals and some schools to create jobs. We also don't have enough teachers, for the schools, specially in the colleges and in the highs schools, so we need some teachers, we do have a problem to improve  The life expectancy has the birth, she is still of 46 years. I will also need some cargo cheaps because, to boost the economy I want to export a lot of raw materials, we can also export a lot of oil, we are know the 6TH country exporter in the world, I want the Nigeria be the third country exporter of oil in the world in 2 years if I can make this happened, I can increase the GDP of 6 billions.


-A :  With all his causes which slow down the progress of Nigeria it causes problem but I may know why you said that everything went well while it is not the case, further to your request of doctor, architect, and professors. Everything would be good in Nigeria if all about which you told me that you were lacking shall be present I will see what I can do to help you and your people. But i'm guaranteed you nothing

Téléphone d'Amine sonne ( diversion pour faire sortir Ilyes et faire venir Chris

Amine dit a Ilyes. :

-A : Oh my apologies, I have to take this phone call, it's important , it's an emergency , would you want to wait outside for a minute.

I- Have cross, no problem mr.secretary

A-thank you

Ilyes sort Chris rentre sans la cagoule :



 -A : I would like to announce that the president in person is present . Are you ready , because I will bring him back here and he don't know you here

        I know what this men did to you and he will pay for that.

-C : I hope, he will. I'm ready, mr secretary . I'm going to tell you things which happened in the Nigeria, the country where Sani Abacha is the dictator

-A : Stay calm, don't be afraid , everything will go well .

Christophe met la cagoule et Ilyes rentre :

-Ilyes surpris : Oh who is this men and why he's wearing a cowl ?

-A : Introduce yourself to the president, because he does't  know you.

-I:Good afternoon Mr president, my name is Mr(nom bidon ) and I live in Abuja, which is the capital of the Nigeria.

-I: and what is your real name ?

-A : No , it's a fake name, this men insist to not give you his real name, it has many reasons to hide his first name tell to the president why .

-C :I insist to be in the anonymous because I am afraid for my life an that's why i'm wearing a cowl.

-I : Why ? 

-C : Are you serious ? You ask me why I choose to stay anonymous, we both know why.

-I: Unfortunately, I don't.

-C:You kill all the people who oppose you, journalists, political opponents and civil without mercy but with the same cruelty.

-A:This men, choose to be anymous because he think if he talk against you, you will kill him. But, I tell you Mr president this men is under our protection and you can do nothing to him.

 -A :         My purpose today is to know , How is the situation in your country ?

-C :  Mr.Secretary the president lie, the country is in a bad situation, people are starving to death, people don't have enough money to eat has their hunger. On the economy plan, you exploit the  ressources of the country, we are a coutnry very rich in the world, we are the sixth world exporter of oil and the population do not ever see the color of this money, because of you and your redistribution of this money to your friends who are your ministers and your family which is the richest family the Nigeria have ever seen.


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