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Accueillir Un Client étranger.

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Definition : to express a cordial greeting to a guest or visitor upon arrival.

Translation : Bienvenue

How was your flight ?

Definition : Was your flight OK ?

Translation : Comment s’est passé votre vol ?

It’s a pleasure to finally meet you in person

Definition : I am happy to finally meet you face to face.

Translation : C’est un plaisir de vous rencontrer enfin

Thank you for coming

Definition : I’m grateful that you came.

Translation : Merci d’être venu

Pick someone up (to)

Definition : to meet someone in order to take him somewhere else.

Translation : Aller chercher quelqu’un

I would like to invite you to dinner

Definition : Would you like to go out to dinner ? Shall we have dinner together ?

Translation : J’aimerais vous inviter à dîner

I would like to introduce you to mr wilson

Definition : Let me introduce you to Mr Wilson.

Translation : J’aimerais vous présenter à M. Wilson

Would you like something to drink ?

Definition : What can I get you to drink ?

Translation : Voulez-vous quelque chose à boire ?

This is a local dish

Definition : typical food from a particular region or place.

Translation : C’est une spécialité régionale

Do you need an internet connection ?

Definition : Would you like to connect to the internet ?

Translation : Avez-vous besoin d’une connexion Internet ?

Don’t hesitate to ask if you need anything

Definition : If I can help you in anyway, please let me know.

Translation : N’hésitez pas à me solliciter si vous avez besoin de quoi que ce soit

Meet in the lobby at 9:00 : to meet up, to join someone in the lobby at 9(to)

Definition : 00.

Translation : Se retrouver dans le hall à 9 heures

Would you like me to take you ?

Definition : Shall I accompany you ?

Translation : Souhaitez-vous que je vous accompagne ?

I hope you’ll be able to come again

Definition : I trust you will visit us again ; I look forward to your next visit.

Translation : J’espère que vous pourrez revenir nous rendre visite

I look forward to hearing from you soon on the subjects we discussed

Definition : I await your e-mail outlining the areas we examined / talked about.

Translation : J’attends avec impatience votre réponse sur les sujets que nous avons abordés

I’ll send you an e-mail summarizing the progress we made

Definition : I’ll e-mail you summing up our progress.

Translation : Je vais vous envoyer un e-mail résumant les progrès que nous avons faits

Get down to business (to)

Definition : to begin to work.

Translation : Passer aux choses sérieuses

It was a pleasure having you

Definition : It was nice that you came . We are happy that you were able to come.

Translation : Ce fut un plaisir de vous avoir parmi nous

What time do you need to leave ?

Definition : When are you leaving ?

Translation : A quelle heure partez-vous ?

I’d like to begin a bit earlier tomorrow. what about 8:30 ? : would you mind if we started earlier than scheduled tomorrow ? would 8

Definition : 30 be OK with you ?

Translation : J’aimerais commencer un peu plus tôt demain. Que pensezvous de 8 h 30 ?

Be on a tight schedule (to)

Definition : carefully arranged and full ; affording little flexibility ; to not have a lot of time.

Translation : Avoir un programme très serré

Have a safe trip

Definition : Have a pleasant journey ! Have a safe trip back home.



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