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TD Droit Anglais: the census of population

Cours : TD Droit Anglais: the census of population. Recherche parmi 298 000+ dissertations

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Definition : What is a census of population ? What does it provide ? How often is it normally held ?


·        A census of population is a periodic enumeration of a population. It is a large Survey

·        It is normally held every ten year

·        It provides datas about age/sex/ethnicity/composition of families.


1) Where do most inhabitants of the UK live ? In England

2) Which is the least populated part of the UK ? Northern Ireland

3) Which is the smallest part of the UK ? Northern Ireland

4) What is striking about England ?


The population of the UK getting older each year because they are less Young (Under 16) than older people. So they want to experiencing the substantial internal migration.

The population isn’t growing as fast as in the rest of Europe.

Grammaire :

Des centaines de milliers d'Ecossais ne voteront pas au referendum car ils n'habitent pas l'Ecosse.

-          Hundreds of thousands of Scottish people didn’t take part in the referendum because they don’t live in Scotland

L'Ecosse fait partie du Royaume-Uni depuis plus de trois cents ans.

-          Scotland is a member of the UK for more than a hundred years.

124 000 jeunes de 16 et 17 ans pourront voter lors du referendum.

-          A hundred and twenty-four thousand Young people of sixteen and seventeen years old will be able to cast a vote for the referThis is the passport of the uk with mention eu,

What do u have to do to become a british Citizen ?

Many cdt : have been living in the uk for 5 yrs or 3 if ur married to a british person, pass the british Citizenship test : he was implementend in 2005 by the labour government led by tony blair, 34 now it is 50livres. 24 questions like role of women the make up of the pop in britian, religion, customs and traditions, the political système work human rights and the position of chilfren

Canditates have to up 45mn to complete them and find out straight away.

Buy officiel handbook «  life in the uk » avec tout les themes abordés

From 2005 to 2013 the candidates whose English wasnt good enough to sith the test were required to complete a combined English language course and citizien ship course.


2 guest pr citizenship ceremony uve to be 18..

80£ pr l’entrée

Chgt depuis 2005 ;

More history and less practical information in march 2013

A compulsory language exam in october 2013

a)     To implement – Mettre en place

b)     To pass a test – Réussir un test -

c)     To complete a test – Finir un test

d)      to take a test – Passer un test

e)     To be required to do sth – devoir faire quelque chose

f)        applicants – Candidats -

g)      milestone – Un évènement majeur

h)      Compulsory – obligatoire –


b)  When was the implement of the Citizenship test ? In 2005.

Who decided to implement the Citizenship test ? Tony Blair

What was the price of the Citizenship test ? 34£

How many question has the Citizenship test ? 24 Multiple choice question

How many time the Candidat has to complete the test ? 45mn

How many good answer he should have to pass the test ? 18 questions.



Exercise 3 - True or False

a. The citizenship test is only mandatory for non EU citizens who want to become British. False. All people should do the Citizenship test .

 b. You only have to sit the test if you've been living in the UK for fewer than 5 years. False. You are allowed to sit the test only if you’ve been living in the UK for at least 5 years. ( 3 if married to a British Citizen )

c. To pass the test, you need to get at least 18 right answers. True, because the passmark is 75%.

 d. Applicants are required to buy the Life in the UK handbook to get prepared for the test. False, this is not  compulsory.

 e. You can sit the test as many times as you need. True.


RECAP Chap 1


Scotland is part of Both.

Northern Ireland is part of the UK but not great britain

The capital city of Nothern Ireland is Belfast

The nation which does not appear on the Union Jack is Wales

The most populated nation in the UK is England

Which statement is true : All Scottish speak English

Who invaded : Normans

Which statement is true ? a. Jersey and Guernsey recognize the queen as their sovereign b. Jersey and Guernsey are part of the UK c. Jersey and Guernsey are part of the Republic of Ireland

Gallic people aren't British

The UK population is increasing and getting older.

84% of the British live in England


Controle à la rentrée,


To comprise : comprendre / composer de

Governing : au pouvoir

To set out : préciser / presenter

framework : un cadre

to underpin : etayer / soutenir

authoritative : Qui fait autorité

prime : principal

to gather : rassembler

misleading : trompeur / qui prête à confusion.

Single : unique / seul

Required : necessaire

How could you define the British constitution?

The British Constitution is uncodified :

* Unwritten ( but most principles are written down in several doc ie Acts of Parliament and decisions of higher courts. )

* Flexible ( bcz it can be amended by a simple act of parliament, there are no special mechanisms for amending )


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