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We can't compare a life to another, however a period of Chris Gardner's life is a little bit comparable to mine. That’s why I’m going to talk to you about the movie “ The Pursuit of

HappYness" , which is a biographical drama about how Chris began his professional life as a stockbroker.

Chris is a salesman, and he sells portable bone density scanners, he has invested all his money in it, but he doesn’t sell as much as he needs to have a good life with his family, Chris junior and his wife Glenda. He needed to sell two scans a month for rent and daycare. At least he had to sell one more to pay off the bills. But he hasn’t sold any for a while. The story begins when Chris wakes up his son to take him to daycare. During the trip they talk about the gift he wants to have for his birthday, Chris Junior is a smart little boy. When he coming out from the daycare, he asks Mr Chu when somebody’s going to clean off this bad word from the wall, andon the drawing there is an I in Happiness not a Y. Chris presents himself in voiceover. He met his

father when he was 28, he grow up without him. He promise that when he had children, they go to

know who their father was.

When he chooses to do an internship at Dean Witter Reynolds firm to be a stockbroker, Glenda’s

chooses to leave him. She works to hard in a laundry, she angry because they had three month behind,

and she didn’t have hope anymore. I think that the movie don’t show us enough her heartbreak to

leave her son.

At one point he’s in the business district, looking around and wondering how can people be so happy.

He asks a man what does he and how he do to have such a nice car. Man says stockbroker. That’s the

moment he decided to be a stockbroker.

He a smart man, he can solve a rubic cube very quickly. That’s why he gets the interview for his

internship, he manage to convince Dean Witter executives to hire him as a trainee, but without salary

for six months. This is where the mosts difficult moments begin. Chris becomes homeless with his son

during his internship.

First, he loses a scan, then another, then his wife, and then his house in exchange for a room in a motel

to finish homeless with his son. To fill the whole, he realizes that his friend is not one. He was broke.

Sometime when they arrive on time, with his son, they can sleep and eat in a homeless shelter.

A scene moves me particularly : there is a man all along the story, who seems to be a homeless, saying

that medical scan is a time machine, and that Chris travels in the past with it. Junior heard him when

he said that. And when they were at the door of their motel


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