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Étude du document "Business And Ethics" (Affaires et éthique) (document en anglais)

Note de Recherches : Étude du document "Business And Ethics" (Affaires et éthique) (document en anglais). Recherche parmi 248 000+ dissertations

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This document is an oral/audio report entitled “Business and Ethics”. It deals with ethics and companies, in other words(en d’autres termes)how companies can have ethical behaviors and practices. It has / is divided into / is composed of three parts. The first part is about the meaning / gives a definition of ethics and the second one presents a few examples of ethical practices by companies.

First of all, it is important to recall (se rapeller) that if a company wants to make profits it also has towards (envers) its employees, its business partners and the environment. Companies can thus (ainsi) have a strong (or a low) Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Secondly, there are a few basic ethical considerations to address (prendre en compte, s’occuper). The first one concerns a business’s employees. An ethical company threats its staff fairly and with respect; the workforce is recruited on a basis of equal opportunities. The happier the workforce, the lower the turnover / the fact that employees are happy with their job implies that they will not leave the company (except if they are fired / unless they are obliged to and so the turnover is maintained at a low level.

Another concern (soucis) for an ethical business is its suppliers and business partners in general. The firm, the plant / factory or the corporation will make sure/ensure that its suppliers are paid on time (à temps), in time (à l’heure) within (à l’intérieur de, dans un délai de) the planned deadline / the agreed-upon deadline. It ensures that the raw materials are paid and charged (faire payer à quelqu’un, vendre) at a fair price.

Last but not least (le dernier mais pas des moindres), an ethical business will try to have environmentally-friendly practices (a user-friendly product). Indeed, concern for the environment will compel (oblige) business to be clean to minimize energy consumption and waste.

In conclusion, an ethical business will be involved with the community it operates in.


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