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Halloween is a cultural celebration originated from Anglo-Celtes islands to celebrate the 31st October at night the day before all saint’s day. Its name is a contration of “all hallow eve”. During this celebration children collected some candies and dress up as ghost, monster or witch… they go door to door and cry “trick or treat” people can see horror movies, visit haunt houses. Halloween is mainly celebrated in Irland, Great Britain, United States of America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Halloween is celebrated almost everywhere in the world but no in the same manner.

In Ireland it is “gaelic oiche shamhna” the night of en summer. Children and adult dress up evil creature and fireworks are launched everywhere in the city.

In Scotland it’s “samhain” : the children go door to door and make tricks if like it, they have candies, fruits or money.

In England: the family meets around a fine and eats some hazelnuts and apples telling some stories. Poor persons receive some cakes called “cake of spirit”.

In France and Germany: the celebration is going door to door and collections candies.

In Malta: they are fancy dress parties without door to door neither candies.

In Romania: This celebration is linked to Dracula myth, fancy dress parties, in Transylvania because people says Dracula spirit lives here.

In America: Halloween is celebrated in the Caribbean and British west Indies.

In Japan: this celebration has no link Buddhism so the Japones don’t celebrate Halloween but many fancy dress and decoration can be found in stores.

In Maurice Island: it can be celebrated but it’s not a tradition.

In Morocco: it’s not really celebrated but you can have pumpkins, children’s and adults dress who organize parties in the tourist cities.

In other country there are celebrations similar of Halloween. In china for example in the celebration of ghost while in Mexico It‘s the celebration of dead the 1st of November. In Catalonia it’s the celebration of chestnuts and in Portugal it’s “Magusto” the celebration chestnuts between all saint’s day and saint Martin.

Some television series diffuse some episode who spiked Halloween such as The Simpson Friend and NCIS.


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