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Space And Reciprocity

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Today, my presentation will focus on space and exchange. first space can be geographic, economic, cultural and virtual and reciprocity may be real, virtual, economic and cultural. Immigration can illustrate the cultural aspect. Indeed, as an illustration of the concept of space and reciprocity, focuses on Ireland and its evolution since the 1850s to the 2000s.

Firstly, in 1850, there was the crisis of the potato famine in Ireland and one million people emigrated mostly to America. In a song Christie Moore spoke of their difficulties of travel, their arriving in America and how they felt homesick. Then in 1950, is an economic crisis, which young Irish emigrated to Britain but were poorly paid for their work. So Ireland has experienced a strong wave of emigration, which resulted in a drop in numbers of birth and marriage which has strongly aging population.

The conclusion was a significant loss to Ireland, economic and cultural loss. But it was an advantage to the country where they have migrated because they brought their hands to work, their culture, their traditions such as hallowen. Therefore we Irish immigrants participated in the creation of a multi-cultural society in sharing their culture with their host country. However, in the 2000s there was an economic boom and strong economic growth in Ireland, 10% in a year and so many jobs have been created in Ireland. It was a turnaround: after being considered a country. poor, Ireland became much attractive, a land of opportunity. Many immigrants come from black people for example, sought to use one. So many came when there was not enough structures to accommodate, is that allowed Ireland to make even more use by building structure to accommodate them.

Dublin has become a multi-cultural city, Ireland was once "a country almost exclusively white and Catholic".It was a real exchange: the country has benefited from this labor economically and culturally and immigrants have benefited from the services of the country and welfare to education, for example. Unfortunately, the current economic crisis is so strong that emigration increased.


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