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A taste of freedom - essay

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The life of the prisoners is not easy. Their living conditions are tough, and they constantly feel loneliness and despair.

In his book Long Walk to Freedom, there’s an extract where Nelson Mandela explains that to survive in prison, you must try to find satisfaction in the small things of your daily life, otherwise you could fall in depression. He also talks about how gardening was really helpful for him.

Why gardening could help a prisoner regain some dignity? What’s the relationship between gardening and the taste of freedom?

First of all, most of the time, prisoners are lonely. They are enclosed between four walls, which creates frustration. Furthermore, sometimes the guards disrespect them, and treat them like they were just animals in a cage, so they are dehumanized. Therefore, having a small activity like gardening, can be incredibly beneficial to them, because it allows them to change their mind. Indeed, even if they are in prison, they are still humans, so they are worthy of honor and respect ; and just sitting in a room all day is not appropriate for their mental health.

As Mandela described it in his book, gardening offered him satisfaction, and proved him that he can be useful even in prison. He was proud and honored about what he accomplished. That’s why gardening could help a prisoner regain some dignity.

Moreover, there is a strong relationship between gardening and the taste of freedom. In prison, a garden is something really special, because it’s like and hobby and the prisoner puts all his heart in it. It’s also one of the only things a prisoner could control.


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