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Brighton a city to Bright on

Fiche : Brighton a city to Bright on. Recherche parmi 257 000+ dissertations

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  Brighton a city to Bright on

Working in tourism agency called Rivageois travel, we prepared a trip for a group of four friends working on the same firm (25-30 years) The trip'll take place during 3 days (from 21st April to 23rd April) in the town of Brighton far-famed for its pier but also for the amazing variety of architecture. Let's know more!

Introduction about Brighton

Brighton is a beautiful renowned seaside resort located in the South coast of england, (approximately 100km) fron London. Since the creation of the railways in 1841, the tourist attractiveness has greatly growth. Also famous for it's indian architecture but also for their couloured houses in front of the sea. Considered as the most touristic seaside resort of England, the beach is however sprinkled with pebbles and shells. Brighon is considered as a ''trendy'', ''gay'' and ''cool'' city. As the weather isn't like hot. The main attraction is the Brighton Pier fringed by amusement park, restaurantes, bars, etc; close to the British Airways I360, The highest sightseeing tower in the world (138m).

Some information before the journey

  •  Don't even forget to change your money in the bank before the departure, it will be more expensive in England 1E = 0.86£
  • Don't forget your raincoat, your umbrella and good walking shoes

How to get there ?

You are travelling by train with         Eurostar, from Brussels midi to London st Pancras, and then you'll rent a car at  . The journey will lasting one hour between brussels and London, and 2hours by car, from London to Brighton. The train cost 71e by people. You are taking the train at 7.56 a.m. the 21st April, and will arrive at 8.57 a.m. local time. You can take your breakfast at Starbuck's coffee when you arrive in Brussels. Then go to the famous car rental Europecar , to rent an Opel Corsa vauxhall , for an affordable price of only 127.9e for three days.

For the return the, you first have to drop off the car at 5.30 p.m., you'll take the train a 5.55 p.m. and will arrive in Brussels at 9.05 p.m. local time. The price is the same as from the outbound, (71e)

The Hotel

We choose the Hostelpoint in Brighton, because of it's location, straight in the heart of Brighton and Hove, nearly 300m from the Brighton Pier and less meter from the beach, the sealife is close too, and also really cheap for everyone who want to be in the center for a great affordable price. It looks like a victorian accomodation from older time. There are 100 rooms, continental breakfast is available everyday between 7.30 and 10.00. A full-equiped-kitchen is also available for your own pleasure. You will share room with two other people

The popular facilities are parking, free Wifi,  beachfront and high restaurants proximity score.

Where to eat & drink

The hotel is catering for breakfast so you don't have to wake up too early and don't even have to move so far. Open from 7.30 untill 10.00 a.m.

For lunch: The best place to go the first day for lunch is a renowned Italian restaurant Famous for it's pasta, more over it's not far from the youth hostel. Excellent to satisfy your hunger before the bike tour

For dinner:

Things to do


Brighton Pier

Brighton Bike Tour

The Grand Brighton bike tour last about two and a half hours, exploring the most important sights of the city. Such as the city’s largest park, Sussex’s most haunted house, Brighton Seafront and the Royal Pavilion Palace. All with a friendly tour guide who explains the historical significance of every site.  Ideal to discover the city in briefly by biclycling.

North Lane

the most wild and wacky neighborhood of the city, every style are represented from Gothic to Hippie. Street performances are very frequent and provide good entertainment for every age. Here you will find some of the most popular cafés: in-style, vegetarians or humanitarian, whatever your taste you’ll find it.


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