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Nom : ABDALLAH                

Prénom : Tachirifa                                                                               TBPC1

Lycée de Sada

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  1. My Work experience
  2. Advertising
  3. Segregation in usa  
  4. Immigration in the usa

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My work Exeperience

      I did my work experience from 31october to 2nd November. The name of the firm is Sodifram Dzoumogné. It was located in Dzoumogné in the sector food. It is a store specialized in food product. There are 10 employees and the company surface is 450 m².

     During the period of school, I took the bus. Whereas during the holiday, I took a taxi. I made 20 minutes to arrive in Dzoumogné. My tutor is the director of the store. His name is Alain Domigues. I got on well with the people I worked with. But we also kept in touch.

     I worked in the morning tell 13 o’clock pm, everyday the same thing on Saturday. In the morning I took the tea before beginning the tasks with all the staff. There were certain days; we didn’t have any break in the afternoon. In the store I made the sheves putting articles, reception of the deliveries and the cashier. I didn’t have any problem all went wonderfuly.

I would recommend this firm to another student. If he didn’t have any objection of making selling.

       As a conclusion this work experience I was useful a lot. I learnt what I ignored in my existence. In the company we were well welcome. The staff did their best so did I. We felt good and it was a great experience for me.





  • Introduction                                                          
  • Definition
  • Advantages
  • Disadvantages
  • Consequence

       All over the world USA is the country that broadcast with         an add. USA win money thanks to advertising. In USA 3 million dollar is invested in the pub. For example:  fast-food

     Definition of advertising:    

   Advertising is a shape of communication which the purpose is to persuade and sell products.   


It increase economie in USA. Advertising allow inform us of the product and offer we do not know. He do not only allows for commercial purpose to sell a product of consumption. But also he can service noblest cause.

For example

Incite people to respect the Highway Code. Protect green space and forest. Advertising is beneficial to editor (newspaper, internet). Advertising allows to be of financial resources.


    Advertising abuse a struts of people and their innocence. The pub manipulate us the brain. Advertising speak a needs of consumer. He makes us more vulnerable especially on children. Because children are unaware. Advertising is an invisible enemy that can not fight.


 If you consume more in power we risk becoming obese


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