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Tache finale d'anglais

Cours : Tache finale d'anglais. Recherche parmi 265 000+ dissertations

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My dream school’s name is RCSA Academy, She is located between los angeles and las vegas. There are about 500 students divided in 20 class.

The School is very luxourious and the design is completely futuristic.

The school is divided in 2 parts : the sports pole with 2 football field and a big gymnasium and Education pole with 10 classes.

There are no chair in class but only sofa which are very confortable. The uniform in my school is a blue jogging with black shoes.


rules : In my school we can speak with our classmates during the lessons  ,

You only have to go to school 3 days a week

In my school we can eat something whenever we want  ,  

in my school we have to come to high school by motorcycle

in my school we can  move into the corridors with a hoverboard

in my school we can bring back our Playstation for the break

we only have to come to the class where we are interrested

in my school the homework are banned

in my school we must play football twice a day

in my school we must respect my rules

Matters and timestable :

We only learn specific matters in my school :

monday : Stay at home to recover from the weekend

Tuesday : morning :9am-11amMathematics but only with numbers ( letters like x and y are banned)

(Professor Einstein)

11am-12am :French : You don’t have to read books, you just learn about grammar and vocabulary ( Professor Ribery)

afternoon : Sports ( you have to choose between Football, Table Tennis and Volleyball) ( Professor Zidane or Lee or N’gappeth)

Wednesday : Morning : 9am-11am : English : You will learn the history of the english premier league and how to speak correctly with girls ( professor Ryan Giggs)

11am-12 am : Technology : Lesson about the news technology ( smartphone, tablets…) ( Professor Steve Jobs)

Afternoon : You have to choose between Sports and Napclass ( You can do both if you want) ( Professor Zidane for the sport)

Thursday : 9am-11am : Social class : How to interact with other people on social network and how to be a cool guy  (Professor Beckham)

11am-12am : Tasting Class : You have to come at school with something for the aperitif (Professor Dyonisos)

Afternoon : Sensibilization about  the renouvable energy , about recycling and how to be more respectfull about our earth. (Professor Meyer)

Friday : Free day (Like the name) do what you want, you can also prepare your week end.

The clubs in my school :

Football (80 % of the students are in)

Drama club : Especially Italian footballer

Technology (Exclusively big head and nerds)

Chess club : Because it need everything to do a world


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