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Tache finale anglais

Étude de cas : Tache finale anglais. Recherche parmi 265 000+ dissertations

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Séquence : Let’s go to the cinema ![pic 1]

Classe : terminale

Niveau : B1

Domaine : se cultiver et se divertir

Objectif communicationnel : Expression orale + Expression écrite

Lexique : lié aux différents genres de films (comedies, action movies, science fiction films, horror movies, thrillers, romantic movies and dramas) +Vocabulaire utile pour dire si on aime, adore, déteste ces genres de films avec : I like, I love, I enjoy, I’m crazy about, I’m mad on, I fancy, I’m fond of, I’m keen on (pour aimer) et I don’t like, I hate, I dislike (pour détester)

Adjectifs : pour décrire les films (great, super, interesting, funny, hilarious, scary=terrifiant, sad, moving=émouvant, inspiring=inspirant, exciting

amazing=étonnant, odd=étrange)

Tâche finale : Parler des genres de films que vous aimez ou pas en justifiant vos réponses chaque fois. Rédiger 8 lignes minimum en donnant des tîtres en exemple.



[pic 2]

Is it a horror movie? A science fiction film? A scary movie? A comedy? A thriller? A romantic movie? A drama?

-It is a …

Do you like this type of film? Why? Give examples and titles and tell the reasons why you like or not this sort of movie.

-Very bad trip is a comedy movie, it is the story three young men search for a missing friend during a super party in Las Vegas. The trio must try to remember all the bad decisions made the day before in order to find their friend and bring him back in time for his planned wedding in Los Angeles.

 And I like this type of film because it is scary. I love this movie because there are also actors like bradley cooper. This film was realized and produced by Todd Phillips, released in 2009. Written by Jon Lucas and Scott Moore, it stars Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis and Justin Bartha. This is the first part of the Very Bad Trip series.


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