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The system of surveillance in Britain is the CCTV camera.

Étude de cas : The system of surveillance in Britain is the CCTV camera.. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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The system of surveillance in Britain is the CCTV camera. CCTV was introduced in the United Kingdom in the seventies and is part of the crime reduction programme. I think the CCTV camera can help prevent such practices as bullying, for instance ; they can help find those who vandalize the school premises; cameras can help reduce thefts in lockers ; they can be effective substitutes when there are not enough supervisors or invigilator; they can really help improve the sense of security within schools and contribute to the protection of weaker students; cameras in classroom can help show good practice to young teachers who are only beginning their career .However  they represent a risk for privacy ; they may contribute to the collecting of data that may be kept and used in a wrong way ; they may be a pretext to reduce the number of adults present in schools ;a camera will never replace human contact; even pictures may be misleading ,according to the angle-shot ; once the potential vandals and thieves have noticed the presence of cameras they can arrange to avoid them or hide their faces so as to make the pictures useless. Perhaps the society have need CCTV camera for survive but I think the society we need to are control by a surveillance because the society don’t live with the free will however is not reason for raise the freedom .


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