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Devoir Anglais Cned 1ère Bts Sp3s: étude de l'article “Should we all become vegetarians”

Note de Recherches : Devoir Anglais Cned 1ère Bts Sp3s: étude de l'article “Should we all become vegetarians”. Recherche parmi 280 000+ dissertations

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a) This document is a press article, entitled “Should we all become vegetarians” and written by Richard Collins on October 14th, 2002.

b) Et si nous devenons tous végétariens ?

c) Nowadays, people eat some meat; however we can notice especially at the teenager, that they are more and more to consume vegetarian’s products. They seem to be vegetarian. There is an increase with the 80s .Now, there is 3.4 million vegetarians in England , that is 5.7% of the population

d) People will take time to adapt themself to the vegetarian mode, because the meat is still successful and it is very good to eat it

e) The author uses a language rather familiar, he often uses often "we” in his sentences. I think that he becomes identified with the vegetarians, his last sentence show that he is for the fact to be vegetarian, because he proposes some tofu to the readers.


a) Many children become vegetarians

b) It is important to eat vegetables

c) Vegetarianism is a growing trend

d) Some vegetarians have become activists

e) One day , we may all be vegetarians


a) Legumes : Vegetables (line 4)

b) abandoner : give up ( line 17)

c) en moyenne : on average ( line 25)

d) poids : weight ( line 42)

e) abeilles : bees( line 53)

f) un moment : a time ( line77)


a) True ( line 5-9: 5.7% of the population up from 2.6% in 1985)

b) true ( line 20 : You could save or a least prolong by not eating meat)

c) false ( line 48 -51: they decline to consume , use or wear any animal products)

d) True ( line 60 : Maggie at school , was ridiculed by teen boys…)


a) their ( line14): many children

b) we ( line 25) : vegetarian’s people

c) them :( line 43): young girls

d) its ( line 46) : young girls vegetarians

e) they ( line 51) : the vegans


In comparison with Richard Corliss’s article , we can notice that the meat has a percentage higher than the vegetarian products

For example, the consumption of eggs is less important than the consumption of meat for the Europeans

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