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Jane Austen

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Jane Austen

She was born on December, the 16th 1775, in Steventon, in Hampshire, England.

Her parents sent her sister Cassandra and her to a childminder during one year. In 1783, they went to Oxford. In 1785, Cassandra and Jane were in a boarding school. In 1786, her parents couldn’t pay so the two sisters came back at home. Their father and their brother helped them to read and gave her an unlimited   access to the library.

Jane Austen was an author. She wrote her first book Elinor and Marianne, when she was 18 years old. Sense and Sensibility was her first book published.

Her parents were Cassandra Leigh and George Austen. She had 6 brothers and 1 sister, Cassandra, who was  her best friend too.

George, her favorite brother, was her agent and helped her.

Jane was never married.

She was a feminist but she didn't want to show it to everyone, but she wrote about that in her books.

In her books, she used irony to criticize English society. She gave the bases of feminism.

Jane Austen became a pioneer of realism in literature, which defends limits and conventions.

She decided to stay anonymous so she signed her first book "by a lady". For the others, she signed "by the author to Price and Prejudice". For some books, she signed with a man’s name.

She died on July, 18th 1817, in Winchester, Hampshire.

After her death, Cassandra and Henry Austen published Persuasion and Northanger Abbey, in 1817. They signed for the first time the book “by Jane Austen”

Jane Austen didn’t finish Sanditon, her last novel.

I think she is amazing. She had a fascinating life. I liked what I learnt about her and now I want to read her books.


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