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Biographie de Dominick d'Angelo (document en anglais)

Fiche : Biographie de Dominick d'Angelo (document en anglais). Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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Dominick D'Angelo had arrived in New York at the turn of the century, a frightened immigrant, fourteen years old, wearing the clothes his widowed mother had made for him before he left Sicily. He had the address of an uncle, five American dollars, and promises he had made to a mother he would never see again.

He would be an honorable man, always. He would give his word only when he knew he could keep it. He would work hard, everyday of his life. He would take no charity, for the bread of charity was made of dust. He would pray for his mother and brothers and sisters. He would send home a picture when he found a wife.

He would never dishonor any woman, just as he would not permit anyone to dishonor his sisters. He would raise his children to be good Catholics and honorable people.

He lived near starvation, working at any job that required a strong back. He was not a large man, but he could lift and carry. He never cheated on his hours. He never claimed one penny he had not earned. For seven years he saved every single dollar he could towards his own business. He was a good shoemaker. Although in this country there were shoe stores filled with shoes of all kinds, they were not made to last. Although his shop was called Dominick D'Angelo, Shoemaker, he was really a shoe repairer. He knew which children were hard on the tips and on the heels, so he reinforced those places with small steel crescents that tapped and clattered and delighted the kids and pleased the parents. After all, shoes were expensive and should last longer than from the store to the home.


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