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Biographie sur Louise Gril (document en anglais.)

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Louise Gril :

a biography by Natalie Miller

One of the most talented celebrities in the history of film, Louise Gras is an actress known everywhere in the world.

The beginnings of a great career

Louise Gril was born in Dijon, on October 12, 1974. She

lived in the countryside of Brazey Plain with his large family. His mother was an famous architect, his father is a doctor,

and she had one brother and two sisters. She was only 6

when she started doing drama. She showed keen interest in cinema from a vey early age. When she was only 7, she was playing with his friends to shoot films and play in unlike his friends who playing barbies. When she starred in Leon with Jean Reno who is a famous actor, she was only 9 and

she had already acted in five films but in small roles.. Thanks to his performance in Leon, she won six awards and was one

of the youngest actresses ever nominated ! She grewp un in France but in 1992, aged 18, she studied in « High School

of Performance Arts » in New York. While she was a student, Louise Gril did odd jobs to pay for his acting lessons.

When she finished her studies, she left New York for California to try his luck in Hollywood. She got a leading

role. She was acting in Titanic, She fell in love with Leonardo Di Caprio who became her husband. Though he was only 22, she had already played in a blockbuster. That's why also Louise Gras win an award for Best Actress.She reached world fame and she became a superstar thanks to his performance in Titanic.

A tremendous and talented actress

In the late 90's, she became a mother of two children with Leonardo Di Caprio. His names are Jack and Rose in homage to the movie that changed their lives.

Altough she was a mother, she continued his career. While she was a mother, she acted in lots of movies : Neel, the first day of the rest of your life, my sister's keeper, Gran Torino,... During the shooting of Gran Torino, she met Clint Eastwood who chose Louise for his next film Million Dolar Baby which was a hugely success. However she had not won single Academy Award for Best Actress. When she was 36, she turn

into UFO for his part in Avatar. Five years before, when she

was 31,she had played in Alien. She played also lots of movies with his husband: Inception, Shutter Island, …

More than a actress

Louise Gril has always been interested in more than just playing. In 2011, she shoot a film « The Game » which was a blockbuster. After this success, she found a production company, Artisan Entertainment, which was responsible for movies as PS : I love you, Black Swan, New Start,...

In starting his career at a very early age, Louise was a rising star ! With all of this to Louise's credit, it's no wonder that she is one of the most influential actress everywhere in the world.


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