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Prophet song take to church

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I would want to speak to you about a song that I like very much;She(it) is not very old but she(it) holds a message rather strong when we are interested in the words.

It is thus about Take me to Church of the Irish artist Hozier . I don’t know how to pronounce hozier in english maybe is hozier but in french is hozier. So he taken(brought) out in 2013 and pulled(fired) by the album Hozier.

This song made a real success with more than a million copies sold in the United States and was a lot of time named(appointed) for different Charts or quite different musical classification(ranking). Now I am going to make you listen to the song.

First of all, we can decompose the song into 2 parts(parties): a first part on love which carries(wears) the singer a woman and a second part on a charge to the Church.

We are going to begin with the first part: from the first lyrics of the song, the singer begins by speaking about the woman in question

With the words "giggles at has funeral", "knows of everybody disapproval" and "worshipped her sooner", we notice that Hozier is strongly attracted by this woman.

Furthermore, "If the heavens did ever speak / She's the last true mouthpiece " translates that if God existed, he would speak through this woman.

But with regard to her, he thinks that the church is a dark place, which spits some "poison". Thus this woman would be more desirable than the church and than it is the best way to understand the sense of life.

the refrain is a very explicit and sarcastic attack on the legalistic churches.Hozier thus sings "Take me to church I'll worship like a dog at the shrine of your lies

I'll tell you my sins so you can sharpen your knife , ".He asserts that the church decreases his(her) participants and attacks(affects) them for the things which they make when these things go against the doctrine of the church.

Then, the singer strengthens his opinion by saying that the sex (that he is heterosexual or homosexual) is an act of love more important than to be indebted in a religion. It asserts being one "pagan of tea good times" (a heathen one of the good time). Thus, metaphorically, the woman could represent a sexual act.

Towards the end of the song, he reaffirms his thesis: "In the madness and soil of that sad earthly scene

Only then I am human

Only then I am clean

To finish this song, he compares love which he described according to the words in his point of view on the Church by repeating twice the refrain, to emphasize the contrast which he sees there.

To conclude, the singer sings against a Church fed by the shame, and more particularly against the homophobia, being given that in the time (and even sometimes even today) to be homosexual was very badly seen, especially by the Christian religion, some people same spoke about disease.

Moreover, you can see that the video clip of this song stages a homosexual couple hunted by a masked man and follows the violent reactions to homophobic character.

I wanted to put you a sentence which said Hozier during an interview for the magazine New York and which I find very interesting, very


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