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MED Radio is among the main competitors of radio mars

Étude de cas : MED Radio is among the main competitors of radio mars. Recherche parmi 250 000+ dissertations

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MED RADIO is among the main competitors of radio mars


A resident on completing his/her DMRD (Radio-diagnosis) should have acquired good basic knowledge in the various sub-specialties of radiology such as Neuro-radiology, GI-radiology, Uro-radiology, Vascular- radiology, Musculoskeletal, Interventional radiology, Emergency radiology, Pediatric radiology and Mammography, and be able to

_ independently conduct and interpret all routine and special radiological and imaging investigations.

_ Provide radiological services in acute emergency and trauma including its medico legal aspects.

_ Elicit indications, diagnostic features and limitation of application of

ultrasonography, CT and MRI and should be able to describe proper cost-effective algorithm of various imaging techniques in a given problem setting.

Perform (under supervision) basic image guided interventional procedures for diagnosis and therapeutic management.

_ Formulate basic research protocols and carry out research in the field of radiology related clinical problems.

_ Undertake further specialization in any of the above mentioned branches in Radiodiagnosis such as gastrointestinal radiology, Uro- radiology, Neuro- radiology,

Vascul r radiology, musculoskeletal radiology, Interventional radiology etc.

_ To interact with other specialists and super-specialists so that maximum benefit to the patient accrues.

_ Work as a Senior Resident/consultant in Radiodiagnosis and conduct the teaching programme for undergraduates, postgraduates as well as paramedical and Technical personnel.

_Organize CME in the speciality utilizing modern methods of teaching and evaluation.


The entire PG residents are assessed daily for their academic activities and also periodically.

.1 General Principles

_ the assessment is valid, objective and reliable

_ Formative, continuing and summative (final) assessment is conducted in theory as well as practical / clinicals. In addition, thesis is assessed separately.

.2 Formative Assessment

The formative assessment is continuous as well as end-of-term. The former is based on the feedback from the senior residents and the consultants concerned. End of-term assessment is held at the end of each semester

Formative assessment will not count towards pass/fail at the end of the program, but will provide feedback to the candidate.

.3 Internal Assessments

The performance of the Postgraduate student during the training period should be monitored throughout the course and duly recorded in the log books as evidence of the ability and daily work of the student. Marks should be allotted out of 100 as followed.

Items Marks

1. Personal Attributes 20



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