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Love The scene is set in the old attic of the Smiths.

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Love The scene is set in the old attic of the Smiths. We are in december 1912.

Mary : (whispering) Charles! Charles! Where are you?

Charles : I’m here my love come to m we need to talk. (cuddles)

They sit on an old sofa and take each other hands.

Charles : Mary, you know that I love you but I’m so fed up of this situation … I feel very bad for your father! I’m his first valet and I’m kissing his daughter without his permission. How crazy am I?

Mary : So crazy that I fell in love with you (she kisses him)

Charles : (stopping her) No, no Mary seriously I don’t know if we can be together( Our social level is too different! I’m just a valet and you! YOU are Mary Smith, the daughter of Mister Smith, the most rich man of the country.

Mary : I know Charles! But my love is stronger than anything else! I’m sure we can be together. Is your love strong as mine?

Charles : My love is so deep that oceans depth is nothing next to my love for you. But think a little bit. We can’t marry without your father’s benediction.

Mary : Who talks about marriage? We can hide here and keep the secret!

Charles : That is of course not the perfect situation but it’s the only good situation. But Mary may I ask you a question?

Mary : Go on honey, I Iisten to you.

Charles : Don’t you think that our ages are too different?

Mary : Our ages are nothing next to our love.

Charles : Sure ! You’re right. It was a stupid question. Mary I love you so much! I am crazy about you. I’m the luckiest man in this world.

Mary : Oh my dear me too but this world is the unfairest of all worlds! We are in 1912, a modern world and we should be able to marry anyone! We are not in Middle Age anymore, I hate this society!

Charles : keep hoping. The futur can be better for us. We need to be patient and to keep hoping. But it’s true that this unfair situation make us suffer.

Mary : When i’m with you I want to spend all my life with you and when I am not with you i think about you, you blond hair, your voice your deep blue eyes! Oh my love, my pain is always in my heart! The worst sensation.

Charles : I feel the same way… But the fact that we need to hide our love is painful too… We always need to hide ourself and we are so scared to be discover that it stress our life.

Mary : Our love is a malediction! An impossible love. But I prefer to live that with you than live easily without you.

Charles : Mary oh come close! (he cuddles her)

(whispering) This attic is going to be our secret place! We can meet here anytime and spend time together without being seen;

Mary : Okay, I think that’s good Charles kiss me before I go!


Mary : Goodbye my love ! we met here at 3PM?!



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