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The 90's

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In the 90 the first cellular phone appeared in the daily life of people

It was only the beginning of one of the most important invention in the word

With this type of phone you weren’t able to for example play games , surf on internet use the social media because they didn’t exist yet

Did you imagine if for send just a simple text you have to clip three times for just one letters ??


In the 90’s all the people wore mom jean, And put their tee-shirt inside the mom with a big belt and generally with a colored tee shirt. Actually, all the girls have a mom jean in their dressing.

All the girls wanted to have curly hairs, so they were using curler and doing perm

We can say that nowadays we aren’t wearing yourself in very different

Current affair

For those who don’t know Diana is dead yees I know sad news , she died in 1997 in paris

She was a british princess , she married the prince Charles who is the queen ‘son in 1981 and she divorced from him in in 1996 . one yaer before her death . she was very popular and all the person in the world know her name , She was called the princess of heart

She died because she was running away from journalist and she had an horrible car accident

The new of her death had flopped all the people around the world


dirty dancing is a romantic story, is the history of a girl who fall in love with a dancer.

Nowadays The song the time of my life is very famous, and all the people know the final scene with the lift and the famous sentence “nobody puts baby in a corner”


The cold war is a type of war between the USA and the Russia. It’s wasn’t a real war, because they weren’t real fight between the 2 countries. It was a fight to be the most powerful countrie in the world

This war finished with the fall of the berlin wall in 1990 and the fall of the communist system in Russia in 1991

The end of this war as lauched the start of a new political period


It’s a british girl band it compose by 5 girls who sing and dance

Their most famous song was wonna be wich was post in 1997 and who became a famous single

This band is the most famous girl group over the world

In their band they songs they promote girl power and a positiv way of thinking


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