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The Fire Of Carlton Hall Dormitory, Maybe A Criminal Act

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February the 18th, a fire destroys University dormitory on the campus of Southern Missouri. More than Hundred students were killed and injured. A few days after, this incident, a police investigation is in progress, but it is known that has been said that this incident is maybe a criminal act.

Before this accident, the redaction received many anonymous messages. These mails have been sent to the redaction to condemn building of the madhouse, the Campus University and the center of drug addicts. First one has been received one year ago. No message was sent, until two weeks ago, when the mails come back more irritated. It has been said that there would be problem. This sentence could be interpreted like menaces.

It is know that the handwritings of the three messages are the same but in the middle of all this mails, one was written in a different mysterious language. So there are probably many persons against this building, but we can suppose that there is certainly only one person who could be the main blackmailer and the pyromaniac.

Furthermore, it is reported that after the murder that kills three women and the drugs incident with students the inhabitants were irritated and don’t want to pay taxes for that. The events have probably motivated our writer to send blackmails and maybe to start fire.

Finally, the day after the fire, a new anonymous message with same sentence that was in the four days ago mail, confirm that there are one and only one blackmailer.

Nowadays, the investigation in progress is trying to make a link between the writer and this tragic incident.


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