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History of the humble toilet

Étude de cas : History of the humble toilet. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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The Industrial Revolution, expression made and used by Adolphe Blanqui, and then highlighted by Friedrich Engels and Arnold Toynbee, is an historical process from the XIXth century that overbalanced, fastly or slowly, depending of the countries, from an agrarian society to a commercial and industrial society. This process made the current world we live in.

First of all, there is a sound document, recorded in England, that focus on the evolution of the personal hygiene and how an elementary toilet changed our daily life and our environment.

Also, the documentary's announcer speaks in a very monotone way, while the movies' images are covered with a very loud music because the images seem to talk for themselves.

Therefore, it is an entertaining documentary because of the serious characters whose speaches and declarations seem very serious but are covered with this repetitive music.

We can observe some very explicit documents as well, about the hygienic conditions before the invention of the toilets. For example there is this short video about a man urinating in his house and a bourgeois using a chamber pot, but also demonstrating how dangerous septic tanks can be in the cellars.

Therefore, the sanitary revolution of the XIXth century is introduced by the necessity of decreasing the pollution level that the Thames had reached. Indeed, the Thames being very close from the Parliament, the congressmen had to react. So a law is voted about building sewers under London, but this event of "Great Stink" marks the beginning of awareness from the English people.

In conclusion, this documentary might deal with a sparsely interesting subject, it is quite entertaining while informative, because it deals with toilets along the centuries, beginning with wooden toilets to our modern toilets. Although the evolution of this object is not the most entertaining subject, using a documentary with images and videos seems as informative as descriptions and historical facts.


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