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The history of Comics

Cours : The history of Comics. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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The history of Comics

The Comics Stip

The history of Comics begins in 1840, by very small short Comic Strip, which appear in the daily press. Bassed on the humor, they aim at developping loyalty of the readers thanks to the stories to be followed by a number in the other one, the associated with the daily funny stories were published in black and white the week and benefited from colors only on sundays.

The Golden Age of Comics (1938-1955)

The change which marks the succession of Comic Books is the distribution of this stories in support specially dedicated for them. In fact, in June 1938 the house of DC Comics publishing the firts number of "Action Comics". It is the firts appearance of Superman. The success is immediate. One year later, DC Comics produces the second thunderclap of the history grace to the number 27 of Detective Comics (it is the firts appearance of Batman). From his side Timly Comics (future Marvel)  goes too created his super-heroes and are going to give birth to Captain America, who is going to have a promising future and who will become too a super-heros. The phenomenon of comics does not stop growing up because of new kind of comics arrived such as westerns, stories of science-fiction, adventure and even romance. But another publisher makes a lot speak, EC C in made a success in marked down of other one publishers thanks to his thrillers and his stories of horror which are particularly violent. This golden age will not last because of a man, doctor Frederic Wertham. Frederic Wertham publishes Seduction Of The Innocents on 1954, this book attacks the Comics and makes them responsible for the crime of the young people, for the homosexuality and for the communism. The consequence is the disappearance of all the thrillers and titles of horror. Only Siper-Man and Batman will resist this golden age.

The Silver Age of Comics (1956-1972)

The silver age begins with the appearance of Flash, a super-heros from DC Comics. Flash is not a new character because it was create during the golden age, but it was not published during the golden age of Comics. Thanks to the arrival of Flash and of its publication DC Comics mark the beginning of a new era of comics. To mark the occasion DC Comics will boost all his old super-heroes and the success is immediate and their super-hero become again popular. But the biggest success will come from Timely Comics who will be renamed Marvel Comics with their super-hero created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. Stan Lee and Jack Kirby  throw 4 Fantastic, in 1961, then arrived Hulk, Thor, Spider-Man, Iron Man, X-Men, etc... With the release of Daerdevil, in 1964, Marvel becomes the first publishing house in front of DC Comics. Stan Lee and Jack Kirby had the idea to create real situations as problems of the everyday life and the love stories. Thanks to it the super-heroes are much more human and closer to readers.

The Bronze Age of Comics (1973-1991)

The Bronze Age begins in 1973 by the death of Gwen Stacy, the girrfriend of Peter Parker who is the Spider-Man. This death is followed by the death of Robin in Batman, Jean Grey in X-Men and Elektra trhe wife of Daredevil. This death make the comics more real and adresses the adults. But the Bronze Age is too the years of the Crossovers.

The Modern Age (1992-Now)

The Modern Age begins with the arrival of Images Comics who is the new publishing house. The seven created of this publishing house are the old employees of Marvel. They create their super-heros and the succes is immadiate.


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