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The representation of the muslim community in the media

Commentaire d'oeuvre : The representation of the muslim community in the media. Recherche parmi 274 000+ dissertations

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 hi everyone today i will talk about the muslim community and how they are represented in the media

 because The media have always portrayed the Muslim community with prejudices.

1) muslim women in serie and movie

i will start with muslim women in series and movie :

When creators choose to place Muslim women in their television shows or

movies, they repeatedly use the same stereotypical trope: a girl feels stuck and oppressed as a Muslim woman because of what is expected of her in Islam and how she moves away from her religion because of this.

Her path out of this “oppression” is a boy, specifically a white one. This boy helps her see the “light” and how there is more to life than listening to her parents and being Muslim.

This was the exact storyline of the female Muslim character in Netflix’s original Spanish show, elite  

we can see  Nadia a muslim women who wears a hijab and when she  will come to her new school. She will have to remove it And that's where we'll see her happy and free

and I find it a shame that we show the Muslim woman always in the same way ;  

Muslim girls are not oppressed by ther religion.

Of course, some, unfortunately, do experience harassment due to familial situations or living in an environment of abuse, but that is the same for cultures and religions around the globe.

Oppression is not unique to Islam

news paper

and whats about the newspaper ?

As part of a years long study  conducted by one path network on five News Corp newspapers, they found almost 3000 articles which referred to Islam or Muslims alongside words like violence, extremism, terrorism or radical. 152 of those were featured on the front page, which is almost one every second day. 

The reality is, print news is a struggling indusry  and sensationalism and fear are highly effective methods for selling newspapers. Front-page headlines like this This Means War” (DT, 22.5.17)  are great for selling papers, but they have a serious impact on the way our society treats Muslims 

tv news and representation of muslim

the muslim in tv news are also misrepresented

The study, published by the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) on Tuesday, said far-right leaders and commentators used TV debate programmes to propagate stereotypes about Islam and Muslims.

when a non-muslim white person demonstrates terrorism, we  called him the killer while it is terrorism

Derniere partie :

despite everything we are on the right track to change things

it is for freedom that we fight and one day we will have it

we can notice progress but it is not enough

thank you for listening to me, ask me your questions


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