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The X-good menu

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The X-good Menu

Why are we forced to eat fat at Christmas? This menu is healthy but still tasty and fun. All the ingredients are chosen according to their origins. They are prepared so as not to be very fat but be tasty.


_The rainbow soup:

Composed of tomato juice for the red, carrot juice for the orange, butternut for the yellow, asparagus for the green, chicken broth with blue colorant for the blue and eggplant for the purple. All is a lot spicy to taste. All the fruits ans vegetables comes from the

greenhouses of Villefranque.

_The Christmas boy:

It’s a cake like a gingerbread but it’s note a gingerbread. In fact it is a cake with crab and with decorations. The crab comes from the Atlantic Ocean. The decorations are in fact lemon sauces to accompany the crab. Lemons comes from my jardin. The crab was sliced after being cooked to introduce it into the cake preparation.


_The present:

It’s like a real present but it’s eaten. It’s in fact many pieces of turkey who where poached to take the form of a gift. Inside there is a stuffing composed of rice and butternut. The turkey comes from a little farm

In Villefranque. The gift ribbon it’s a real ribbon and it can not be eaten.

It’s served with chestnut just grilled.


_The world of Santa Claus:

It’s not just a dessert it’s a selection of many deserts who forms the

World of Santa Claus. The first little dessert it’s the house of Santa

Claus who presents are made. It’s made with praline cookies and white icing. The second dessert is a little fir tree. There are two sorts of fir

Tree. One to chocolate and whipped cream and an other to chocolate and hazelnut. The third dessert is little Santa’s elf made with strawberry and and vanilla cream.


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